Lawyer Video Marketing- 20 Questions You MUST Ask When Choosing a Video Production Company

Brick and mortar stores are creating video. Lawyers are using video to get more clients. Businesses big and small are creating video. Why? Because they are beginning to realize how powerful video has become and how cost-effective it is to create and distribute.

In the history of advertising for attorneys, there is nothing as cost effective as making video to market your services. To get the most bang for your buck you want your marketing message to work for you day and night; to be targeted to your ideal target market; and for your potential clients to be able to interact with you. Nothing else allows you to do all that except video.

Viewers get to see you; hear you and look into your eyes and judge for themselves whether you are trustworthy. 30 second TV ads can’t do that. A 15 second radio commercial can’t do that. The yellow pages can’t do that. A classified ad can’t do that, nor can a display ad. Once you realize what a revolutionary way this is to tell the world about your legal services, you have to figure out whether you want to make video yourself or hire an experienced video production company to do it all for you.


1. Is your video producer also a trial lawyer?
2. Does your video producer know who your ideal client is, without you telling him?
3. Does your video producer help you decide on the content and technique for your video clips?
4. How much time does your producer spend with you to map out your content?
5. How long does it take to shoot the video?
6. How many video clips do I get?
7. How long is each video clip?
8. Will you professionally edit my video, include intro and exit graphics and lower third graphics, color and audio correction?
9. Do you compress the video and upload it directly to my website or blog?
10. Do you distribute the videos to the major video sharing sites?
11. Do you do SEO for my videos on the video sharing sites?
12. Do you blog about each of my new videos, on your own website? If not, why not?
13. Do you create a transcript of my video content?
14. Do you use your own social network to tell the world about each of my new videos? If not, why not?
15. Do you give us brand new video equipment including a hi-def video camera, tripod, lavalier wireless microphone, professional lights and video memory cards with 1 TB backup? If not, why not?
16. Do you teach me how to use all of the video equipment that you give me? If not, why not?
17. Do you make it simple, fun and easy for me to shoot video on my own?
18. Do you have a way to professionally edit, upload and distribute the video I create on my own, so I don’t have to learn all the techno-babble necessary to edit and upload my video?
19. Do you create a professional custom video channel for all of my videos? If not, why not?
20. Do you receive Gerry’s updates from the Lawyers’ Video Studio? If not, why not?

To learn more about Gerry’s Total Online Video Solution and how creating video can be fun, simple and profitable, I encourage you to explore Gerry’s blog in the Lawyers’ Video Studio. We offer the best of both worlds; we give you Gerry’s undivided attention to plan your content, we professionally shoot video for you, create your own custom video channel, give you your own brand-new video equipment and teach you how to use it, and then you send us your filled memory card and we professionally edit, upload and distribute your video after Gerry has personally reviewed and critiqued each video. Where else can you have an experienced medical malpractice trial lawyer as your video producer? Nowhere else. To learn more about Gerry’s Online Video Solution, click here.

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4 Responses to Lawyer Video Marketing- 20 Questions You MUST Ask When Choosing a Video Production Company

  • Douglas says:

    While I admire your concept, and I will readily admit that if an attorney were so inclined shooting video has become easier with technology, I must tell you that as a videographer myself, you neglect to tell your customers why they SHOULD use a trained videographer.

    Not using a professional videographer would be akin to me representing myself in a trail. I might be a genius when it comes to law, but I’m not a practicing attorney.

    While you solution might be “good enough” for some, in my experience, “good enough” doesn’t cut it when talking about professionally filmed video.

    Respectfully yours,


    Video Imaging Services

  • Douglas,
    You are correct when you point out that a professionally trained videographer is preferable to doing video yourself. The problem is that most attorneys don’t want to pay for that quality. They think that with inexpensive technology, such as a Flip video camera and a cheap microphone or heaven-forbid, use the built-in microphone, they can do just as good a job as a pro. Not. However, try and convince an attorney of that fact until they’ve tried and failed to produce great quality video and audio using their techniques.

  • They think that with inexpensive technology, such as a Flip video camera and a cheap microphone or heaven-forbid, use the built-in microphone, they can do just as good a job as a pro.

  • You are right. That’s because these so-called “gurus” tell them how simple and easy it is to create their videos if they use their cheap video cameras and simply upload directly to YouTube.

    Interestingly, a recent lawyer marketing seminar in Orlando hosted by AVVO, I took samples of attorney videos that are currently online and showed over 100 lawyers exactly how not to create video. A few of those videos were created by attorneys using a flip camera in addition to their WebCam. The audio is terrible, the lighting was terrible and it just gave a very poor presentation of the attorney was.

    There is no question that those poorly done videos will hurt more than help.

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avatarGerry, it was great to meet you and I am proud to say I have got my first video up on the web! Your online course is excellent. Take care.

David Brannen
Resolute Legal