Congratulations! You have discovered the ONLY complete and proven system for conception, production, and distribution of your own personalized and search-optimized Branded online video content, a system that took me many years to develop and perfect. A system that mirrors the strategies and techniques I have used to achieve impressive results with my own practice.

I want to stress that this is NOT JUST a video production service. It is a total turn-key solution that provides legal professionals with all the necessary consultation, direction, production, optimization and publishing expertise necessary to produce a year’s worth of educational online video content designed and optimized so as to engage your ideal clients. This unique turn-key solution is carried out by an incredibly talented and experienced team under my direction.

That is what we do… Here is what it will do for you!

My Total Online Video Success Program for Attorneys empowers you to quickly and easily launch a professional educational online video presence designed to consistently distribute “new relevant video contentthat communicates your unique personal message to prospective clients. I am confident that it will provide your practice the best of both worlds… to effectively communicate your unique experience and expertise through online video, while freeing up your time to practice law, win cases, expand your client base, and ultimately grow your bottom line.

3 Step Process: Planning, Production & Publication

Phase 1: Planning

The Planning Phase begins with a Mastermind Strategy Session. Here you work directly with me in an effort to pinpoint knowledge that you already possess but are not sure how to convey to your audience. All Titanium clients receive 2 mastermind strategy sessions with Gerry, approximately 6 months apart.

Gerry Oginski Advising New York Personal Injury Attorney Raymond Silverman

During these discovery calls, through a series of tested and perfected questions, I will help you uncover the informative topics that will make you stand out from the crowd and offer suggestions on how to answer to the questions your potential clients need to know. This process will help you begin to formulate the unique, unscripted, educational, and engaging content your prospective clients are searching for online, and it all happens before any equipment is set up or the record button is pressed.

There is no other video company in the country who offers this type of mastermind session to plan out your content. There is no other practicing trial lawyer in the country who helps other lawyers create video to market their practices online.

You should know that your success ultimately hinges on producing a variety of smart, engaging video clips that potential clients will seek out, watch and ultimately be called to action by contacting you.

By the end of our strategy sessions, you will have tons of information needed for you to begin creating your content.

In addition to the 2 Mastermind Strategy Sessions, our Planning Phase also includes all the Pre-Production Planning activities necessary to coordinate and prepare for 2 rounds of the Production Phase.

Phase 2: Production

The Production Phase is where your Video content begins to take shape. Depending on the package chosen we will either go “on-location” to your office for a full day video shoot or you will travel to New York where I will work with you one-on-one to acquire the video footage necessary to make your new Online Video presence a reality. All Titanium clients receive 2 “on-location” video shoots, approximately 6 months apart.

The Lawyers Video Studio On Location With Pennsylvania Attorney Joe Hanyon

During this phase not only do we handle all the critical aspects that go on behind the camera, but we take the time to put you at ease and guide you through the process so that your presentation in front of the camera will be as effective as possible.

Our program is the only solution in the marketplace where you work directly with me, as a fellow attorney who understands the challenges you face every day as a practicing attorney. I will have you comfortable and “in the groove” in no time, sharing the unique informative content your prospective clients are searching for online.

I am your video guide, your video coach and video producer all-in-one.

Now you are able to sit back and relax while we take it from here…

At this point we begin an exclusive POST-PRODUCTION PROCESS that provides much more value than any other Attorney Video Marketing Solution on the market.

  • We immediately copy your memory card. That memory card is then sent via Fedex overnight to my production team located in Florida to begin the editing process.
  • We log and transfer all of your video content onto our computers. We then begin the editing process.
  • We start by professionally editing each of your videos. Each video is branded with an intro, lower 1/3rd and exit graphics as well as music mix during intro and exit.
  • I log into our online video approval system and begin the approval process. I personally watch every one of your edited videos. I want to make sure that there are no problems with any video.
  • Then, when I am satisfied with the result, I create keywords and tags that will go online with your videos.

Once I have approved this batch of videos we begin the publication phase.

Phase 3: Publication

Great videos are a great start, but your success will ultimately depend on attracting and engaging online viewers. The power of the internet is immense and properly optimized “new relevant video content” is the key to increasing the likelihood that new clients will find you, thereby improving your online presence.

Working Woman on Laptop

I understand that while words like “optimization,” “online searchability,” and “embed code” may seem like Greek to you, at the Lawyers Video Studio we speak them fluently and we will use this knowledge to your advantage. Keep in mind: we do not replace your current website or SEO provider, rather my Solution provides them with an incredibly powerful new tool to dramatically increase your Online presence.

Here’s how…

  • We create a YouTube video channel. This allows you to display all your videos in one central location on the world’s second largest search engine.
  • We create headlines for each of your videos.
  • We create a keyword-rich, detailed description for each video.
  • We optimize each video with tags and keywords.
  • We transcribe every video and upload it to YouTube, taking advantage of the SEO-friendly interactive transcript feature.
  • We provide the “Embed Code” and/or Video Files for each video, making it easy to insert on any page on your website or any other web or Social Media property.
  • We distribute all your videos to other video sharing sites for wider distribution.
  • The benefit of this time-consuming process is that it all goes on behind the scenes. You don’t have to lift a finger to make this happen. We do it all for you, freeing up your valuable time so you can do what you do best: practice law.

    Once your 10 initial videos have been Planned, Produced and Published we will Edit, Optimize and Release 8 new video clips each month.

    This is the only turn-key planning, production and publication solution that offers a year’s worth of optimized video content for attorneys!

    Because this release-over-time strategy has proven to be a very effective way to enhance Search Engine Optimization, all Publishing and Release Schedules are based on a 6 or 12 month term, which is made up of an initial video release followed by the corresponding number of consecutive months of video clip releases your package provides. Again, no other Online Video Company for Attorneys offers this as part of their product… yet this is critical to your ultimate success.

    After all your videos from your full day of video shooting have been published and your momentum is starting to build, I offer a number of cost-effective options to Plan, Produce and Publish more video content to keep your momentum going. From Do-it-Yourself plans to full service “On Location” renewal plans where we continue to take care of it all, we make it easy to continue planning, producing and publishing effective and engaging branded online video content.