Lawyer Marketing: How Much Will It Cost You Not To Do Video?

You know that video is the future. You know your consumers want and need information. You know you can do it. You’re technologically savvy. You have to tools and video equipment.

You still practice law. You deal with new clients, with existing clients, with adversaries, with judges, hearing officers, magistrates. You have pleadings to prepare, discovery requests, compliance and scheduling conferences. You have depositions to handle, reports to write, experts to talk to and emails to reply to. You need to prepare for mediations and arbitrations. You have trials to prepare for and meetings to attend.

You need to attend that CLE for your yearly requirements. You have your family vacation coming up you have to arrange. You have your bills to pay and mail to read.

You have to work on that newsletter you’re trying to get out, attend that networking reception at the Rotary Club and start that new marketing campaign you’ve been putting off for months. You need to get onto Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to maintain those relationships of people who like you and trust you.

You need to update your website and your blog. You need to create new articles and blog posts. You need to manage your staff and your associates.

You wonder how you’ll ever having time to create video to market your law firm.

It’s easy to think that by skipping the video creation, everything will work out in the end. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t.

Where do you see your law firm in the next few years if you don’t create video? If your clients and consumers expect you to be on video and you don’t give them what they want, do you think you are more likely to get that call? Maybe your competitors will get that call. If that’s Ok with you, then good for you. If it’s not, you need to do something about it. Now, not later.

What should you do?

Pick up the phone and schedule your free marketing strategy call with me. Call my production manager Kathleen to set up your call; 1-800-320-4314 or email: I welcome your call.

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The nice thing that we’re doing here is that we’re targeting specific cases, specific case types, specific injuries where everybody is searching for these things on the web.
If you don’t do TV advertising, it’s an absolute must. If you do TV advertising, it’s a great piece of the puzzle. The difference with this is that they’re already on the internet searching for an attorney or searching for answers regarding a problem that they have. So it’s already targeted to those people.

Paul Hernandez
Kalfus & Nachman