Lawyer Marketing: Build a Relationship

Harry Brockman, Lawyers Video Studio Partner; Ted Greve, PI Attorney and Gerry Oginski, Founder of Lawyers Video Studio

How do you build a relationship online?

The point was hammered home in a recent blog post from my good friend Dave Lorenzo, a legal marketing expert. He discussed how crucial it is to establish a relationship when building your law firm. He emphasized that there is no magic silver bullet. Rather, the process begins with a simple relationship that focuses on the client, their problems and the solutions you can offer. Without relationship, there is no trust. Without trust, client becomes dissatisfied.

How then can you build trust and a strong relationship with your potential clients without ever meeting them or speaking to them?

The answer is simple.

With video.

There is no other form of communication available that we as attorneys can use to build a relationship, build trust and likability. Think about how you communicate with your friends online. Maybe you’ll begin a conversation on Facebook or blog post by offering your thoughts and opinions about somebody else’s comments or post. Maybe you’ll join in the conversation on Twitter. The problem with that method of communication is that it is unnatural. It takes a very long time to build up credibility with a group of people who were following that particular conversation. Online marketers recognize the value of promoting this type of relationship, and I heartily agree. However, there is a better way to communicate with your online viewers.

A better way

Creating video starts a conversation with your viewers. Admittedly, it is not a 2-way conversation yet. However there is nothing else better to establish a relationship and trust online- before you even meet your prospective client!

Lawyers who recognize the value of building relationships recognize how crucial creating video is to market their law firm. Those attorneys develop the strongest and most loyal clients because of the personal relationships they have developed from day one. Thanks to Dave Lorenzo for reminding us of how important building relationships are.

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I was on vacation in Fort Lauderdale and shot a spot. I used a Dslr and a digital tascam, I am reviewing Gerry's course. New years' resolution: get busy! I recommend Gerry to everyone. Doing it yourself is very time consuming. I just got a call, the caller is from Texas and he chose me because he felt like he knew me. I have just scratched the surface, cheers Gerry, happy new year, you are inspirational.

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