Law Student Says My Educational Videos Offer Better Explanations than His Law Professors

He’s a 2L. For those not in the know, that means he’s in his second year of law school.

How did I learn this? Simple.

He left a comment on a few of my videos. What did he say?

“Your videos offer better explanations about how lawsuits work than my law professors! Thank you.”



How many of you get viewers to thank you for your video content? I get comments like these often. (Sometimes I get critics who just don’t like personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys and I can handle that.)

The funny thing is that I don’t set out to create content for law students or lawyers. My video content is geared toward my ideal client and consumer. It’s geared toward teaching and educating them. The fact that this law student found my video to be informative enough to take the time to leave me a comment like that is very telling and cool.

I replied to him suggesting (tongue in cheek) that he should have his law professors watch my videos.

Lawyers often ask me about which equipment they should buy to create video. I stop them and tell them they’re asking the wrong question. The video equipment doesn’t create great video. You and your content create great videos.

Importantly, if you don’t know what content your ideal client NEEDS, how then can you create video content that they are looking for and are craving to watch?

Keep this in mind…

Your viewer doesn’t care about you. Not about your credentials, not where you went to school, not where your office is located. They only care about ONE THING.

You know what I’m going to say next, right? I’ve been saying this for years.

The only thing they care about is HOW YOU CAN HELP SOLVE THEIR LEGAL PROBLEM. That’s it. Focus on that and soon enough you too will get people thanking you for the information you provide (and it better not be legal advice!).

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2 Responses to Law Student Says My Educational Videos Offer Better Explanations than His Law Professors

  • Barry Doyle says:

    Gerry -

    Couple of thoughts:

    1. The fact that your video does a better job explaining legal concepts than the law school professor is probably the best reflection on what a poor job law schools do getting kids ready to actually practice law when they get out. Some kids finish law school and have no idea how to draft a pleading (other than an appeal before they took Appellate Advocacy something similar).

    2. I had a discussion with a friend about trial lawyers and ego. I believe that even as personally humble and approachable you may be, you have to have a healthy sense of ego in order to be able to stand in front of a judge or jury to “sell” whatever position you are taking. In our field, that sense of ego is awfully pronounced ins ome individuals. While you are entirely right that people who have problems don’t care about you, that is awfully hard to remember (and to swallow) sometimes.

  • Barry, you’re right.
    Many trial attorneys have a huge chip on their shoulder and a significant ego to boost. Sometimes justified, sometimes not. Lawyers who tend to focus on their clients and their specific legal problems are often able to relate better than those who believe they have risen above all others.

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I found Gerry’s approach to be a common sense approach to… what people are looking for. It’s not necessarily what we think our video should be, it’s really what people are searching for. Gerry’s made a study of how people search the web and what they need from lawyers and then he’s able to communicate that on video. That’s what I really found intriguing: the methodology by which we shoot the videos and the way that he communicates that methodology.

Joe Hanyon
MHK Attorneys