In the Land of Search, the Lawyer Who Explains the Most is the One-Eyed King

Who's looking for your legal services online?

Who’s looking for your legal services online?

This goes back to a comment my webmaster Tom Foster made many years ago;

“Content is King.”

You should be familiar with the phrase “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

Lawyers who rely on search to get found need to constantly add fresh new relevant content on a consistent basis. That means every month. Every few weeks. A few times a week. Or even daily.

You know that Google is the largest search engine in the world.

YouTube is the second largest search engine the world. Google owns YouTube. Forecasts for the next five years predict that online usage will only increase. Trends, based on actual statistics done by Cisco and other large Internet companies reveal that video usage and consumption will also increase dramatically over the next few years.

One of my mantras has always been to create great educational video in order to attract your ideal consumer and client.

The search engines rely on content and reward users for creating great content that their viewers are actually searching for.

All too often I speak to attorneys who delegate the responsibilities of creating new fresh content to people who know nothing about law. They delegate this task to their marketing companies. They delegate and outsource to non-attorneys. They delegate to managers and supervisors and associates.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, the key problem I’ve consistently found is that those messages are missing key elements including

  1. Personality,
  2. A personal viewpoint,
  3. A connection between the content and what the attorney actually does on a consistent basis,
  4. A compelling message
  5. Generic content that is too vague

I have personally found that one of the best ways to create fresh new  content is to create great quality video that teaches and educates my ideal clients and consumers. From there, I now have the foundation upon which to build other written content including articles, blog posts, frequently asked questions and answers, and more.

Attorneys who are struggling to find content to talk about, don’t truly understand the mindset of their ideal client.

If you do not understand what is going on in the mind of your ideal client, then there is no possible way you can create content that matches what they are searching for.

Also, do not make the mistake that you should be creating content for the search engines. That is a big, big mistake.

If you were following any of the recent algorithm updates in the past two years that Google has made, you would know that Google will penalize you for trying to game the system. The best practices recommendation is to actually write content that your viewers need and want.

Create video content that your consumers want without any real regard for focusing on the search engines.

Let me tell you a funny story…

An attorney client of mine was shooting video with me. As we were setting up the equipment that morning to get started, I asked him to go through his first video that he would be talking about. As he started talking, I had to stop him after just 30 seconds.

I asked him “Why are you talking like that? Nobody talks that way.”

His answer?

“I’m talking for the search engines.”

Needless to say, we would not be using that video or that style of video message at all during his video shoot.

You do not create content for the search engines.

You create great video content for your ideal clients and consumers. The search engines will pick up on the natural language and natural text. Search has evolved dramatically with Google being at the forefront.

Key takeaways:

  1. Know who your ideal client is
  2. Understand what is going on in their mind
  3. Create compelling content that matches what your viewers are searching for
  4. Have a system in place to either create video content on a consistent basis or hire an experienced and trusted video marketing company to create tons of great video content for you in one day that can be dripped out over the course of time.

Having challenges creating video on your own?

Feeling frustrated and unsure of exactly how to do all this? If so, you are not alone. If you need help getting all your great content onto video and want to do it in a fun, hassle-free way that is energizing and motivating, then I encourage you to reach out to me for a discovery call and see if we are good fit. You can reach me at 516-487-8207. 

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Gerry-- This is truly one of the BEST videos explaining this little known fact I have EVER seen produced by a personal injury attorney! Well done!

Stephen Fairley
Rainmaker Institute