Just the other day I created my first legal marketing video

Gerry's very first video on YouTube...the worst video ever

Gerry’s very first video on YouTube…the worst video ever

I knew not what to do.

I knew not how to shoot.

I knew not how to upload.

I knew nothing about video.

The year was 2006.

YouTube was now online.

They were accepting user generated video content.

I knew not what that meant.

I didn’t understand why any would create video and put it online.

It made no sense.

Nobody would watch an attorney on video.

At least that’s what my wife said.

But I had an idea.

I wanted to educate my ideal client.

I wanted to do it before they called me.

I wanted to do it before they came into my office.

So, I asked my kids how to turn on the camera.

On my iMac.

The year was 2006.

I didn’t know where the microphone was.

I didn’t know you needed lights.

What did I know about video?


Absolutely nothing.

My very first video was awful.

Horrible is a better word.

The worst.

It was 6 minutes long.

It was grainy.

It was pixellated.

It was pathetic.

But what did I know?


Absolutely nothing.

But I had an idea.

I wanted to teach my client how to hire an attorney.

I wanted to teach my client what to look for in an attorney.

And my video was the worst video in creation.

It took me weeks to get it online.


Because I had no clue what I was doing.


Absolutely none.

But, I tried.

I kept trying.

I kept failing.

I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

There was nobody I could ask.

There was nobody in the country I could ask.

That’s because this was brand new.

Cutting edge.

Nobody was doing it.

At least no lawyer was doing it.

After weeks of trying,

I finally did it.

I got that video online.

I played the video and almost threw up.


It was awful.

I was sitting 7 inches away from my computer.

The glare was obvious in my eyeglasses.

Yet something remarkable happened.

I began to get calls.

Calls from people who watched my awful video.

Calls from people who wanted more information.

Calls from viewers who said “Mr. Oginski, I just saw your video.”

That gave me another idea.

For another video.

And another.

And another.

Fast forward eight years.

It’s now 2014.

I have 1,440 videos online right now.

That’s one thousand four hundred and forty.


Educational videos.

Videos to market my solo law practice in New York.

Videos that teach and educate.

Videos about medical malpractice, accidents and wrongful death.

Interestingly, my videos don’t discuss the law.

These videos have resulted in calls and cases.

Valid cases.

Cases that have settled in amounts totaling $8.8 million dollars.

Cases that came to me specifically because of my educational videos.

And it all started with one simple idea.

Remember, I knew not how to shoot video.

I knew not what to do.

I knew not how to upload.

I knew nothing about video.

But I created my first video.

Then another,

And another,

And another.

Here I am 8 years hence from that very first video.

I am the founder of a video marketing company.

The Lawyers Video Studio is its’ name.

A company like no other.

A company that has a practicing attorney as it’s video producer.

A company that is a true marketing company.

A company that creates massive amounts of video

For attorneys in one single video shoot.

All from a single idea.

Want to shoot massive amounts of video to help educate your ideal clients?

If you do and you think we’d be a good fit, call me and let’s chat. Let’s see what your marketing goals are and if you like, I can create a video marketing plan for you while we’re on the phone.

Call me at 516-487-8207. Now.

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I looked up what kind of production companies are out there producing the kind of videos that I was interested in. And really, I was dissatisfied with the vast majority of the videos that were out there. They were not what I was looking for – except for Gerry Oginski. We were looking for someone who understood our needs and yet had the expertise to be able to pull all of the necessary components of producing a video and getting it uploaded. Gerry was the one who stood completely head and shoulders above anybody else’s out there.

Jeff Helsdon
Oldfield & Helsdon, PLLC