Inside a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney's Office; Video Tour

In this brief video I give you an inside look at my Great Neck, New York office. (I also have satellite offices in New York City, Brooklyn and Staten Island, but wanted you to see where I spend most of my time). This is a never-before seen video of my office. You get to see where I spend most of my day when I’m in my office. In addition, I show you some of the lighting equipment I use to create my videos.

Come on in and take a look at my office.

Warning: It’s not some big fancy schmancy Manhattan law office with gorgeous furnishings, Persian rugs, expensive lamps or wood paneling. Rather, it’s a neat office that’s fully functional. Enough said. Watch the video to see for yourself.


I encourage you to explore my educational website where I have hundreds of FAQ’s, free reports, video tips, free books you can download immediately and lots more. If you have legal questions, I urge you to pick up the phone and call me since I can answer your legal questions about accident cases, medical malpractice cases and wrongful death cases here in New York. You can reach me at 516-487-8207 or by email at I welcome your call.

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Gerry, We were so happy to finally meet you. We thought that we knew a thing or two about using video in our law practice until we discovered you.
You are the man. Meeting you last week prompted us to completely rethink our video strategy AND we decided that we weren’t doing nearly enough. You light a fire under our butts!
We are now back in Seattle and refocusing and redoubling our video marketing efforts! Thanks Gerry!

Chris & Mischelle Davis
Davis Law Group, P. S.