I’m Selling My Wireless Microphone. Want it?

Sennheiser G2For years I have used the industry-standard wireless microphone that has provided great, consistent clear audio for videos that I create to market my solo practice and for really smart lawyers across the country.

This wireless microphone has served me very well.

It is a gently used and terrific wireless microphone system that is looking for a new home. It is a microphone that requires it to be used…frequently. This is not something to buy,as a shiny new object, to then sit in a box in your closet, never being used. It demands you use it!

Why am I selling this?

I upgraded my audio equipment to the most recent model of the same exact unit and I no longer need this particular microphone system that has provided outstanding quality audio.

If you are looking to upgrade your equipment and want to use a great wireless microphone, you need look no further than right here.

What wireless microphone is this?

I use a Sennheiser EW 100 G2 evolution wireless microphone system. It consists of a transmitter with a lavalier microphone, a receiver that attaches to your  camera’s shoe mount, and an XLR connector. It operates on the “A” frequency band of 518-554 MHz. If you buy it right now I will also include 4 brand-new alkaline batteries. (If you want to read the reviews on B&H Photo of this microphone, click here.)

The new model, the upgraded version costs over $625. This unit, when I purchased it was the same price at more than $625.


For lawyers who consider video marketing to be an ongoing marketing objective where you are continually creating great educational video on a consistent basis, this wireless microphone system is one of the best investments in video equipment you can make. It will last you for years and years.


I have only one microphone system for sale. Whoever is first to reach out to me will get this.


A few years ago I had upgraded my video camera and decided to sell my camcorder.

I sent a message out to my Lawyers Video Studio list. Within minutes, a really smart attorney from Florida, Bill Umansky immediately bought my video camera and has used it consistently ever since.


If you want it, it’s $400 and shipping is included. First come, first served. Send me an email to Gerry@LawyersVideoStudio.com and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice and your wireless microphone system will be on its’ way! It’s that easy.

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