I’m Selling My Omega Seamaster James Bond Professional Diver’s Watch…Pay Attention-There’s Marketing Gold in Here

Omega Seamaster Professional James Bond Edition

Omega Seamaster Professional James Bond Edition


The story of a well-travelled watch.

Let me tell you about my exciting life. I started life on 47th St. in the jewelry district of Manhattan with this really cool guy when he bought me for a great price. In case you don’t know, I am an Omega Seamaster Professional James Bond watch. I have the privilege of being a midsize watch. Unlike my handsome brother, a full-size version who is so much bigger and heavier than I am, I am lightweight and really comfortable to wear all day.

I was born in a factory in Switzerland and then travelled to a watch dealer on 47th Street in Manhattan. I quickly found a new home with an owner who promised to take good care of me. I didn’t know what to expect but I always knew I was reliable, rugged and quite handsome, if I say so myself.

I’m so lucky and have been so blessed to have such a wonderful owner. I have traveled the world with my owner to really cool places such as St. Maarten, California, Las Vegas, Denver, Texas, New Orleans, Sanibel Island, Florida, Manhattan, St. Thomas, and many other places.

Since I have a quartz body and use a battery for power, I’ve always been reliable to my owner. Unlike my cousin, the automatic version who has to be wound daily, my owner has always trusted me to provide him with the correct time.

Let me give you an example of a great day.

In the morning, my stainless steel bracelet would be cool to the touch. My owner would wake up, gently take the me into his hand, open up the clasp and place me on his left wrist. Within moments, my cool stainless steel bracelet would warm up and sit comfortably for the rest of the day.

My owner happens to be a medical malpractice trial lawyer in New York. I had the honor of seeing the inside of many courtrooms. I got to listen to some fascinating conversations with other lawyers and injured victims. (I’m sworn to secrecy!) In the warm months he treated me to cool dips in the pool and the ocean.

You should know that my owner does not scuba dive or even snorkel, and that’s Ok. Going into the ocean up to his waist and swimming in the pool with his kids has been one of the highlights of my incredible life. As you know, I was born for the water. I was born to dive. I can go down to 300 meters without problem. I even have a helium release valve so I don’t get the bends. Not many watches can do that. I am one of the select. I’m one of the few.

Now I will admit that I’ve gotten some bumps and scratches along the way, but that’s to be expected with a rugged, reliable and really cool looking watch. I’m proud to have served my owner with confidence, reliability and very good looks. I told you, I’m not ashamed to admit that I look really good.

But now the time has come for me to look for a new owner. I need to move on.

I’m looking for an owner who takes pride in his watches. I need an owner who cares about his watches and will proudly wear me on a regular basis. I require no feeding or maintenance other than a change of battery and water pressure testing every few years.

I am the ideal watch. Good-looking, colorful, stainless steel with a blue ocean wave dial, strong numerical markers, a blue rotating bezel, easy to read date, and one of the coolest looking second-hands in the industry.

I only want to be with a serious watch lover. I don’t want someone who just sees me as a shiny new object, wears me for a few months and then puts me away in a draw, never to see the light of day. I need to be worn. I need to be shown off.

I’m proud. I’m trustworthy. I’m reliable. I can be yours, but you’ve got to be the right one for me. If you think you’re the right one for me, click the button that says “Buy Now” and in just a few days I’ll be sitting on your wrist traveling to some new and wonderful places with you giving you lots of great joy. I can’t wait!


Tell me below what 3 psychological motivating triggers I used in this ad (there are many more) and tell me why you think it will/won’t work for your legal services.

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