I’m At The Bellagio

Bellagio Hotel

Yes, I’m in Las Vegas.


At the Bellagio.

The weather is gorgeous, ranging from 45 in the morning to 74 by mid-day.

The hotel is magnificent. The staff is better.

The customer service is out of this world.
In fact, it is so ingrained into their everyday work that it appears effortless.

Walking down the hall after leaving our room, I encounter 3 different hotel staff. A maid, a maintenance man and a housekeeping supervisor. Each one, individually stops what they are doing and asks how I am doing.

“Can I get you anything?”

“Is there anything you would like?”

“Good morning. I hope you enjoy your day…”

It’s a shame that all hospitality services don’t follow the Bellagio’s model.

Upon our arrival of our crew (I’m with my family on vacation) the lights were out in part of our suite. A phone call to the operator was answered with “We’ll send somebody right up.”

I figured someone would come up when they got around to it. Remember, the hotels in Las Vegas have thousands of people each. Less than one minute later, an engineer showed up and resolved the problem. Five minutes later, I got a call from guest services wanting to know if the problem has been solved and if there’s anything else they can do for me.

When we returned from our day’s activities, there was a hotel maid in our hallway. It’s a really long hallway. As we were passing her linen cart, she stopped, asked us if we had a nice day and then inquired which room we were in.

She asked if we wanted Belgian chocolates to go along with fresh linens that she would bring in immediately if we wanted.

I have stayed at many hotels. None has ever offered the level of customer service that I have seen here. So why do I tell you this? Simple.

I guarantee that your potential new client would love nothing more than to be treated special when he calls your office. And I don’t mean just be nice to him on the phone.

Copy the Bellagio model and you’ll have callers rave about your customer service and what a great law firm you have.

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