I Was at a Legal Marketing Seminar & A Lawyer Asked Me to Look at His Attorney Video

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Attorney Video Critique

I was happy to oblige. He wanted me to do an attorney video critique.

I pulled up his video on YouTube.

In less than 1 minute I was able to identify 7 things that were missing.

I called him over during a break.

His video had been up for over a month. There were no views.

His headline was missing key targeted information. It was not a compelling headline.

We then went down to the description. It was lacking 3 important things.

I asked him how a viewer could contact him with the information he had on there. He looked at me, shook his head and couldn’t believe his marketing person put up a video without contact information.

I then showed him the interactive transcript. I pointed out the inaccuracies with the YouTube computer-generated transcript.

I explained how important having an accurate word-for-word transcript is and how the search engines use this for SEO purposes.

Then, I asked why there was no phone # or url throughout his video in his on-screen graphics. He again couldn’t understand why that wasn’t done.

Then I asked him why he wasn’t using spotlight annotations. He just looked at me without understanding what I was asking. That happens often when I describe different features and benefits that are available, but unless you know where to look and how to make it happen, you’ll leave key opportunities on the table and fail to take advantage of them.

I asked him where was his blog post, article and FAQ to accompany this video. Again, he looked at me as if I was speaking Greek (he was not Greek speaking).

Once I briefly explained why he needed these things, I could see that light bulb go on in his head. He then smiled, shook my hand and asked if he could speak with me further after the conference.

When you’re considering hiring a video company to shoot your video, make sure they know how to market your video using all of the latest strategies to maximize the chances a viewer will (1) find your video, (2) find your content compelling and (3) find your content compelling enough to want to pick up the phone and ask you for more information.


Want to speak to me about how you can create 20 or 30 videos here in NY?

Maybe you are considering shooting 50+ attorney videos in a one-day video shoot in my most popular video marketing program. On the other hand, you might be considering creating 100 videos over two video shoots six months apart.

Then again, you might have been thinking of creating 150, 200, 250 or 300 videos in the course of a single year!

Best way to reach me is by email: Gerry@lawyersvideostudio.com or on Facebook by private message. 

Go ahead. Reach out to me. It’ll be a fun call- I promise.

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