I Asked a Simple Question. “Can I Help You With Your Lawyer Video Marketing?”

helpI recently sent out a note to a select few people on my Lawyers Video Studio list. It was a simple note.

It said, “Is there anything else I can do for you to help with your attorney video marketing?”

I got great replies from everyone, except one attorney.

Let me share with you one reply that was slightly aggressive.

“Prove to me that lawyer video marketing works and reduce your price to something reasonable.”

I read the reply and frankly got angry.

This was someone who had reached out to me a year earlier. His video marketing wasn’t working. He wasn’t getting calls with what he did. Nor did he take any action for an entire year to change what he was doing.

I decided to reply to him. Here is what I said.

“Thanks so much for giving me a challenge. I had an opportunity to find an email you sent me last year (May 2012) and show you what you said at that time…

‘Although my site had 10,000 visitors last month very few people watch any of the videos.  The testimonial  videos get the least views. I am skeptical that video is the fantastic client generator that you and others claim it is.  I do get about 50 new clients a month just from my website.  Maybe we are doing video wrong and need your help.’

As you know, I’m not here to ‘convert’ you into a video marketing believer. I would never do that. If it doesn’t work for you, then I would suggest it wouldn’t work for you even with the strategies and tactics I teach.

That’s because the attorneys who reject video marketing do not have an open mind and do not recognize the mindset of their consumer or potential client who is actively searching for information about how to solve their legal problems.

If your website is drawing, at that time, 10K visitors, and converting 50/month, then obviously you’re doing something right and I applaud you.

But you said something in last year’s email that concerns me…
Your testimonials are not being watched. That’s a problem.

If you had been at the PILMMA legal marketing seminar in South Carolina in April 2013, there was a great presentation by Simon Aronowitz explaining how to get and create great testimonials as social proof. Simon has asked me to collaborate with him on my signature method of creating testimonials that are unique and show viewers the social proof necessary to understand why you’re the right one for them.

There are other reasons why video will not work…

If your message is not interesting, compelling or engaging.

I also noticed that you have not uploaded any new videos since a year ago to your YouTube channel.

FYI- did you know that YouTube is a social network like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Your channel has virtually no subscribers, no comments, no shares of your videos and no likes.

Did you know that Google owns YouTube? Without fresh new relevant video content on a consistent basis, you will be invisible to the 2nd largest search engine in the world.

Your videos lack word-for-word transcripts for SEO purposes. There are no spotlight annotations to help viewers recognize you have great content. There’s no personal interaction showing your expertise, which is what viewers are searching for.

By the way, I appreciate your concern about the investment to participate in my programs. That’s why I created different programs ranging from creating 20 videos all the way up to 300 videos in one year. There’s a program for everyone and an investment entry point for every attorney.

I challenge you to find another video marketing company in the country that has a practicing trial lawyer as your video producer, video coach and video guide. (There is none.)

I challenge you to find another video marketing company in the country that does all that we do to help you market your practice using video. (There is none, and that’s because we’re not just a video production company…anybody can shoot and upload video.) We’re different and it shows.

Finally, I’m proud to be one of the most expensive video marketing companies in the country. I make no apologies for what I charge and I have no intention of changing my investment price points. It sets me apart. Lawyers who ‘get it’ appreciate all that I do. Those that don’t, don’t and that’s cool too.

BTW, if you had read my book which we sent you last year, you’d see how video marketing works. If you opted into my webinar on my website, you’d see exactly how video marketing works.

If you attended any of the seven legal marketing seminars where I spoke over the past year to really smart attorneys across the country, you’d know how and why video marketing works. If you follow my blog posts on a regular basis, you’d see how video marketing works.

If you follow some of the bigger legal marketing websites and blogs, you’d have read lots of my articles about how video marketing works. If you watch the testimonials from lawyers across the country who participate in our programs, you’d know from THEM how and why what I teach works. Don’t take my word for it.

If you haven’t taken the time to do those things, I encourage you to do so. It will be eye opening.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer your question. If my programs don’t work for you, no problem. I’m cool with that. I just wanted to personally reach out and see if I could help you. That’s what I’m here for. A trusted colleague, a trusted friend and someone who just wants to help get you to the next level.

Best regards,


P.S.  Do you think he replied to my challenge? Let me know in the comments below.

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Gerry has a unique approach here. It’s basically a turnkey approach. Because he is a trial lawyer, he talks our language but yet he can help you get it down to the level it needs to be to connect with the people watching the video. I would tell anybody that this is the guy to go to.

David Glatthorn
David Glatthorn Law