I Love Gurus Who Tell You That Creating Video Is Easy

Hamming it up with the President at Madam Tussauds Wax Museum in Las Vegas

It is easy.

It’s easy if you have the equipment. It’s easy if you have an up-to-date video camera, good wireless microphone and a good set of soft box lights. It’s easy if you have experience using all this equipment. It’s easy if you know what to talk about. It’s easy if you’ve created hundreds of videos.

It’s easy if you know how to get the computer to recognize your memory card. It’s easy to get the video footage into your video editing program. It’s easy if you already know how to edit video having spent hundreds and thousands of hours doing it.

It’s easy to upload to YouTube and other free video sharing sites. It’s easy to create a headline, a description, keywords and tags. All this is very easy if you’ve done it hundreds of times before.


What the gurus don’t tell you is how to create compelling content. They don’t tell you what content compels a viewer to pick up the phone and call you instead of your competitor. The gurus don’t tell you how to set up your equipment and set your white balance. They don’t tell you about framing and audio and they don’t tell you what to do if you get audio interference during taping.

The gurus don’t tell you to stay away from the wall and your legal bookcase. They don’t tell you how to be different. All they do is generically tell you to focus on your consumer as well as create frequently asked questions. Those are great places to focus on, but you need to look beyond that.


Most gurus tell you to upload video to YouTube and then take the embed code and put that on your webpage. What they don’t tell you is that if YouTube shuts down your account, you’ll have a big gaping rectangle on that page with nothing in it.

The gurus don’t talk to you about how important it is to privately host your videos, or why you would want to host your videos privately.


The reason I love gurus who tell you that it’s so easy is that I get calls from attorneys across the country who tell me they followed some guru’s advice about how to easy it is create a video with their Flip camera and upload it to YouTube. The attorney cannot understand why people aren’t calling despite the fact that their video has been of online for six months.

I’m sure these gurus are well-intentioned and are trying their best to get you to create video on a shoestring budget. That’s perfectly understandable. However, two things to keep in mind when creating video to market your law firm:

  1. Quality counts. Your viewers correlate your legal ability with your video quality. If you don’t believe me, then do your own split testing and put up some crappy video shot with a handheld Flip cam and compare that to professionally done video with great quality content and then compare the results.
  2. The people who tell you how easy this is forgot how difficult it was when they were first starting out. Like you, they did not know the first thing about how to use the equipment. They did not understand how to deal with the technical components of video. They do not recall the frustration associated with creating headlines, descriptions and tags to maximize the chance that someone would find and watch their video.

Gurus are great. They built up their reputation and their expertise is evident. But don’t let anyone tell you that creating great content and quality video is easy. It’s not. That’s like a trial attorney telling a new client that trying a case is easy.  Anyone who has ever tried a case knows that there is nothing easy about trying a case.


Not only do you have to master all the facts, you have to master your presentation and prepare for every eventuality. You have to prepare your witnesses, your evidence, your openings, closings, direct examination of each witness, cross examination of each witness and have memorandums of law on point for difficult issues.

Lawyers trying cases for 25 years who tell lawyers just starting out that trying cases is easy are deluding themselves and their colleagues. Don’t let any Guru tell you that creating video is easy.

So what should you do to create great quality video to market your law firm?

The answer again is simple. You have a choice to make.

There are two ways to create video. The first is to do it all on your own. The second is to hire an experienced video marketing company to help you do it.


If you would like help learning how to do this all on your own, I encourage you to look for next month’s release of our brand-new introductory program designed specifically for the do-it-yourself attorney. Click here to sign up for the pre-release info and special offer: It’s called “Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube…at $25,000 Off!”


For those lawyers who are looking for an experienced video marketing program to help motivate you and eliminate all the effort associated with doing this all on your own, then you need look no further. What you need to do is to pick up the phone and call my production manager Kathleen to set up a phone conference with me, at 1-800-320-4314 or by e-mail at Kathleen@lawyersvideostudio.com. I welcome your call.




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Gerry Oginski is the master of online video. If you have not seen his videos, you should. He’s done more videos than any lawyer out there. The big edge that Gerry has over his competition is that his videos allow consumers to get to ‘know’ him before they even pick up the phone. His use of video on his website and his video blog is amazing.

Ben Glass
Founder of Great Legal Marketing and a practicing personal injury trial attorney in Fairfax, VA