I Just Watched The Coolest Video

HeartIt was a video of the inside of my heart, and I’m very pleased to tell you that it was still inside my body when I was watching it!

I went for an echocardiogram this morning, which is a test that uses high frequency sound waves to image the heart. What I saw was nothing less than amazing. I watched my mitral valve move as blood was pumping through the different chambers of my heart. There is also a setting called color Doppler flow which analyzes the blood flow through the heart. You can actually see on the computer screen in real time what blood flow through your heart looks like. Watching the different parts of my heart beat on the monitor was absolutely fascinating.

However, don’t expect to find this video on YouTube anytime soon. You might ask “What does this have to do with creating attorney video?” If you’re a longtime follower of my blog posts you’ll know that it has everything to do with creating attorney video.

What made this video so compelling to watch? The fact that it was in real time. The fact that it was of something I never would have ordinarily been able to visualize without very expensive high-tech equipment that I clearly was not qualified to operate or interpret. The fact that I got an inside look at the inner workings of my body, beyond the standard EKG or x-ray was simply incredible. So how can you translate that into creating content for your attorney video?

Think about my comments above and what a viewer looks for when searching for an attorney online. What would make them have that “Aha” moment and say “Wow!” that was amazing. “How do I get more of that information?”

You have to be creative when deciding what content to put online. I can’t spoon feed you your content unless you sign up for my coaching program or sign up for my total online video solution where we create video for you.

I am still amazed at what I saw this morning on this video and I can’t wait to start creating new video content in the next few weeks that will incorporate today’s observations. If you have thoughts about how you can use this technique to create content, leave me a message in the comments section below; I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post!



DSC_0995“Gerry’s advice regarding Attorney Video Marketing is spot on.  You cannot afford not to listen to him.  As a pioneer, he has blazed the trail for us all.

Our firm would not trust outsourcing our legal marketing to just anyone.  It is critical that any vendors we use in marketing our law firm be owned or at least managed by an attorney as there are too many ethical pitfalls that a non-attorney marketer may fall into.”

Emery Brett Ledger, Personal Injury Attorney, Newport Beach, California



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He is the solo practitioner that pretty much dominates the web for anything medical malpractice in New York, and frustrates the hell out of all the “big guys” that spend millions and millions of dollars. He’s tenacious, he’s very good at what he does, and he’s just “killing it”. In fact, he’s actually beating me in a lot of categories for video for lawyers. He is organized and methodical as both an attorney and as a video master. I would advise anybody that’s looking to do videos to talk to Gerry about his services.

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