I Have Q’s That Need Answers Today

Today’s blog post is different than most. It is sort of a mini-survey that will help me create content for this blog in the future. As a regular reader of my blog, I would like you to answer the questions in the reply box below. It should take you no more than one minute to answer these questions, and if you take a moment to answer these wonderfully inquisitive and intrusive questions (not really), there’s a good chance I will feature one of your videos in a future blog post.

Without further ado, here we go:

1. Have you created videos that are online?

2. If yes, how many do you have?

3. Did you create these videos on your own, or have a video company do it for you?

4. If someone did it for you, why didn’t you do it on your own?

5. Once you created video, did you become more aware of your competitors videos and what they put up online?

6. What was the most difficult part about creating your videos?

7. Have you received calls from online viewers because of your specific videos? If so, which video(s) generated calls? (Put the link to the video here, so we can watch it.)

8. Is there a specific topic you would like to see a blog post about? If so, tell me about it.

Well, that wraps it up for today’s unusual blog post in the form of a mini-survey. I would love to hear your thoughts. Simply enter them below in the reply box. Thanks again,





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One Response to I Have Q’s That Need Answers Today

  • 01. Yes
    02. 4-5
    03. Two were by a company, the rest on my own
    04. I can do them, I don’t know how to edit them
    05. Yes, I am aware of my competitors’ s videos
    06. The technical aspects are slowing me down
    07. Maybe 1 or 2
    08. Yes, how to get the most out of your videos, meaning where to post them, SEO, etc…

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I was on vacation in Fort Lauderdale and shot a spot. I used a Dslr and a digital tascam, I am reviewing Gerry's course. New years' resolution: get busy! I recommend Gerry to everyone. Doing it yourself is very time consuming. I just got a call, the caller is from Texas and he chose me because he felt like he knew me. I have just scratched the surface, cheers Gerry, happy new year, you are inspirational.

Joel Denning