Guy Promotes His Video Company in a Reply to My Blog Post

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Actually, it wasn’t so much of a conversation, rather an exchange of postings on a social network

Here’s how this came about. I posted a link about my new online video tutorial program and how lawyers who are looking to create video on their own should take a look.

This guy, who I never met before, posted a link in response saying that people who are looking for an alternative should look here. Okay, I was curious. I clicked on the link.

It was a link to website providing video production services. I am always interested in companies that offer video services, so I explored the website. It looked like a typical video production company with different packages to create video. Their biggest program created only eight videos at a cost of $20,000.

I immediately compared that to what FindLaw offers. FindLaw offers 12 minutes of edited video for a total cost of slightly more than $30,000. Then, you are contractually bound and prevented from touching your videos for two full years.

I replied to this individual that his link was not really an alternative to my online video tutorial program. Instead, it was a video production service and had nothing to do with learning how to create video on your own.

I mentioned that as an attorney who has successfully used video to market my own practice, I have a unique understanding of what type of content viewers want to know and what compels a viewer to call. I offered a few tips and questions that lawyers should ask when choosing which video company to use.

This guy felt that being an attorney was insignificant and would be of little use to create great quality video. He mentioned that someone with a film making degree or an Emmy would have a better understanding of how to create great video.

He felt that it was akin to a patient who suffered a heart attack offering advice to a heart surgeon about what video content to provide.

I told him that was the perfect type of person to give the doctor advice about content he should create. What better person would understand the questions and topics than a patient who has gone through it?

I replied that someone with great film making credentials would be able to create quality video. However, ask that person if they know who your ideal client is. Then ask if they know what type of content will compel a viewer to call.

In any event, I pointed out that in the Lawyers Video Studio in our Done-For-You total online video success program we create 50+ videos in one day. That’s a total of 100-150 edited minutes of video to market your practice.

I got the feeling that this guy just didn’t get it. 8 videos for $20K? Wow. How about 50+ videos with a practicing trial lawyer who not only uses this type of video marketing for his own practice but also helps lawyers across the country do the same. Want to know what your investment would be to participate?

Call Kathleen to set up a call with me and find out. You’ll be amazed at the value we provide as a video marketing company. Remember, we’re not a video production company, which is what this guy was promoting and which is just like every other video service.

To learn more, here’s what I want you to do: Call 1-800-320-4314  and leave a message for Kathleen, or send her an email: It’s that simple. I look forward to speaking with you!

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Gerry, I want to thank you, you’ve helped me – not just to use video that actually converts and gets me what I want from the video that I use on the web. You have consistently delivered information to very smart, very savvy businesspeople – lawyers and professionals – that they just rave about and that they are going to start implementing in the next couple days to radically change and transform how they deliver the value to clients and how they get paid for it. Gerry, thank you! Fantastic!

David Frees
Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees