I Asked a Car Salesman a Question That Left Him Flabbergasted and Unable to Answer


No…this is not the car I was searching for. Although it would be cool if it were.

Come join me as I share with you this great information…

I was searching for new car and went to a car dealer I’ve never been to before. He’s about 15 minutes from my house and the salesman I met with was very experienced, a straight shooter and very knowledgeable. I liked his enthusiasm. I liked his knowledge. I liked the fact that he wasn’t trying to sell me anything yet, but rather showing me all the great features of this car.

Interestingly, I had only asked him one question that prompted a flood of information which honestly, I could’ve easily done without.

I was very knowledgeable about the car, having done extensive research before walking into the showroom. I didn’t really need a dog and pony show about what’s readily available online describing the car’s features and benefits.

Nevertheless, I didn’t mind his monologue since this was a new type of car I was considering and actually wanted to learn more.

I was not prepared to buy today, but was in search mode. I wanted to sit in the car. I wanted to take it for a test drive. I wanted to experience the car.

During this car salesman’s somewhat lengthy monologue I put my hand up and stopped him.

I said “Let me ask you a question. You told me about all the wonderful features and great benefits on this car. You’ve told me that you personally drive this car as well as your wife.

What I want to know is what you don’t like about this car.”

That stopped him cold.

He had a perplexed look on his face. He was troubled.

He stood next to me for a solid minute staring at the car debating internally how to answer my question.

I clearly got the impression that no one had ever asked him this question before. I couldn’t help but smile as I noticed the difficulty he had deciding whether to answer honestly what he did not like about the car or to give me a bullsh**t answer.

After a full minute he finally turned to me with a smile and without acknowledging that I was probably the first person to ever ask such a question, he chose the straightforward and honest approach with me and then tried to minimize those negative features.

I appreciated that he told me honestly the two or three things that he did not really appreciate about the car. It was actually refreshing. He then tried to minimize the damage since he knew he still wanted to try and sell me a car and did not want to turn me off with his negative comments.

I could tell that he knew that if he had responded by saying that there were no negative features about the car that would clearly catch him in an obvious lie that would destroy his credibility.

What’s the bottom line?

If your consumer asks you what problems you have with your legal services, your better approach is to own up to any deficiency you have, admit it, own it and then simply explain and minimize why this deficiency is not really significant.

If you try and hide this fact, that will do more harm to your credibility than you can imagine.

By the way, I highly recommend using this tactic the next time you go searching for new car. Ask the car salesman “Tell me what features you really don’t like about the car.” Then watch the fun begin.

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One Response to I Asked a Car Salesman a Question That Left Him Flabbergasted and Unable to Answer

  • Barry Doyle says:

    If you don’t know what your area of weakness is as it relates to a potential client’s personal injury case, you probably don’t have a very good picture of your perfect client or marketing that is very well tailored to bring that client in the door. It’s hard to be honest about with yourself about what you are/aren’t good enough at when you aren’t confident that the phone is going to ring. If you have that confidence, it’s much easier to be honest that this isn’t in your wheelhouse and can offer a referral to someone else who does that kind of work well. For example, we tend to handle simple, soft tissue cases inefficiently because the kind of work I do tends to take up a ton of time and resources, so we refer those out.

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