How Well Do You Know Your Potential Clients?

Dateline: Galillee, Northern Israel

I’m in Israel as I write this and learned that Starbucks failed here in the only democratic country in the Middle East. Why did Starbucks fail here? Because they didn’t understand the cultural differences between people in Israel and in the United States.

For one thing, apparently Israeli’s don’t like drinking their coffee from paper cups, or so I heard. Another reason is that most Israeli’s want to have food with their coffee. Starbucks didn’t have any real food to offer. I’m sure there are other reasons, but the take-away point I learned was that before you can form a lasting and trusting relationship, you have to understand your consumers and potential clients.

How well do you understand their cultural differences?

Do they live in the same town as you? Do they have the same background as you? Are they from a different country?

When lawyers try to market themselves they often try to ‘put information out there’ that they think people want. However, unless you know and understand your potential client, you may be putting the wrong information out there.

That could be difference of getting a client or not. Take the time to truly understand their problems and where they come from. Understand their family dynamic and you will have an insight into what goes on every day. Importantly, you’ll understand them. Even more importantly, they’ll realize that you understand them.

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What I appreciate about what Gerry does is that he doesn’t waste a whole lot of my time. He gets right to it and helps me focus on improving the video and focusing on delivering the message quickly and effectively. I really appreciate that. You need a coach. Somebody that can independently objectively look at what you’re doing and give you advice to make sure you do it right.

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