How to Use YouTube Filters

YouTube Filter

NY Medical Malpractice lawyer in high-definition filter

When you do a search on YouTube, on the upper left hand side of the search results you can and should use filters to pick the videos you want to watch.

Some of your options include showing only those videos uploaded today, last week or this past month. Others include just showing videos that are in hi-definition. Don’t rely only on the simple general search results that pop up when you do a random search.

Instead, use the filters to drill down into the content that identifies the most timely, relevant and useful information you need to know.

For example, video in hi-definition will be recent. Standard definition video is ‘old school’ and dated. You can filter by view count or by ratings. This will allow you to see what videos are most popular among the topic you’re searching for.

These filters are useful for finding videos that you want to interact with. You might want to leave a comment on a high-traffic video. This will allow you to identify which videos in your area of interest are being watched.

Use filters to drill down into the content your competitors are putting online. Find which videos are engaging to viewers and then begin to interact. Do not pitch anything. Instead, ask questions.

Filter, interact and ask. It works.

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