How To Use Social Networking To Boost Your Video Content

Grant Griffiths of ‘Blog for Profit’dead_mans_family_calls_before_burying_him-1 prefaces my guest post with the following gracious paragraph:

“Video blogging is something we all should be doing, yours truly included. If I had to name one of the top experts in using video on a blog, Gerry Oginski would be my go to guy. In fact Gerry is a great example of how a professional service provider can use video to get their message out and how it can be used to provide information to their audience. While Gerry’s focus is using video to promote a legal practice. His advice and techniques can be applied to anyone. I just wish I could get Gerry to be a regular contributor to Blog For Profit.”

To read the full article, click here.

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He is the solo practitioner that pretty much dominates the web for anything medical malpractice in New York, and frustrates the hell out of all the “big guys” that spend millions and millions of dollars. He’s tenacious, he’s very good at what he does, and he’s just “killing it”. In fact, he’s actually beating me in a lot of categories for video for lawyers. He is organized and methodical as both an attorney and as a video master. I would advise anybody that’s looking to do videos to talk to Gerry about his services.

Tom Foster
Foster Web Marketing