How Often Should You Practice Your Attorney Video Content Before You Press “Record?”

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The answer of course is “Practice every day.”

Do you think that great trial attorneys stand up in front of a jury one day and give a remarkable summation without practicing?

Do you think great comedians can stand in front of a room and entertain you for a solid hour without having practiced?

Is there anything you can do really well without having practiced it thousands and thousands of times?

In the book Outliers, there is a compelling argument made by the author Seth Gladwell that in order to become highly proficient in any setting, you need a minimum of 10,000 hours of practice.

Let’s turn now to attorney video marketing.

Do you think you’re going to be natural and comfortable when you begin shooting video if you have not practiced?

Do you think you’ll be smooth and easy-going because you can ad-lib and think on your feet?

The key to anything you do successfully is to practice over and over and over.

As an actively practicing trial attorney, I will tell you that practicing your opening arguments to a jury is a must. As is direct exam and cross examination and summations. You need to hone down your argument and the only way to get really good at it is to practice over and over.

The same is 100% true for your attorney video.

You’ve decided on presenting a great topic. You’ve figured out how to open your video. You have a great title. Good for you.

Then, while looking in the mirror, you start talking. At first you feel weird. Awkward is a better word. Then you finish your content. It’s taken you three times as long as you want. You start again. You talk faster. You eliminate words. You shorten what you have to say.

By the 10th time, you’re getting better. By the 20th time doing it in front of the mirror it’s getting better.

Oh yes…one word of advice. 

Don’t do this in front of your family or friends. They’ll mock you. They’ll make fun of you and it will destroy your confidence.

To answer the question of how often you should practice your content for your attorney video: The answer is every possible moment you can spare. The more you practice, the better you’ll be. It’s that simple. If it takes you 30 times to perfect it, great. If it takes more, no problem.

Spend the time perfecting your content and you’ll soon see your transformation.

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