How Many YouTube Subscribers Do You Have on Your Attorney Video Channel?

 Most attorneys reply “Huh?” when I ask that question.

They have no idea what I mean.

Many lawyers who create video on their own and upload to YouTube think that their YouTube channel is totally isolated and simply a way for them to show the world what content they created.

The that line of thinking is fatally flawed.

We are dealing with social media here. Social media means that it is interactive. It means that you put great attorney video content online with the expectation and hopes that your ideal clients and consumers are searching for that information.

You put attorney video content online expecting viewers will find your content and then begin to interact with you and your content. This is not a one-way street. This is not a single line of communication.

This is a reciprocal sharing form of communication.

You put great content online. A viewer watches your video. They realize how important the content is. Next thing you know they share your attorney video with your friend.

After that, somebody leaves a comment on your YouTube channel on this particular video. Hopefully, you have enough sense to respond and comment and continue teaching.

Why would you ever subscribe to someone else’s YouTube channel?

The answer is simple.

You like the content they are putting online. You want to be notified via an e-mail every time a new video is posted. You want to see the next new video that comes out from this particular person. That’s why you subscribe to their channel.

The number of subscribers you have on your YouTube video channel is just one metric that YouTube uses when evaluating the authority, relevancy and importance of the content you put online. If you have no subscribers to your channel, you might want to rethink the type of content you’re putting online.

Your content may not be interesting or compelling. It might also suggest a lack of effort on your part to promote your attorney videos and your YouTube channel.

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avatarGerry, it was great to meet you and I am proud to say I have got my first video up on the web! Your online course is excellent. Take care.

David Brannen
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