How Are You Different From Other Lawyers?

Lawyers Video StudioI ask attorneys that question all the time. The answers don’t faze me anymore.

“I give personal attention.”
“We have free parking.”
“We have tons of experience.”
It’s like reading the slogans from the yellow pages.

It’s almost like we’ve been brainwashed that the only way to set ourselves apart is to use cliched and hackneyed phrases. Nonsense.

Remember when you were in second grade and your mother told you that you were “special?” It’s true. You are. You’re unique. You’re different than everybody else.

Here’s the problem with lawyers. We all know the law. Some better than others. Some more experienced than others. If we all know the same law, why is it that some lawyers are able to attract really good cases, while others continually struggle to do so?

The answer is marketing. Really smart attorneys attract people because of their personalities and their marketing. Think about it. We, as attorneys, know the law. Our clients and consumers do not. Our client have legal problems. We have solutions. Most of the solutions are not novel or ground-breaking. If true, why is it that the successful lawyers continue to bring in the winners, while others can’t find clients?

Again, the answer has to do with how the public sees and perceives you. Can they find you? Do they know you exist? How do you reach out to them? What do you do to educate and teach your potential clients?

By taking the time to explain, you show you’re different. By reaching out and helping someone understand what to expect, you show you’re different than your competitors.

By being different (and totally within your ethical rules) you will stand out from the rest and get noticed.

How best can you do that? You know the answer. In case you didn’t…it’s using video.

Listen to what Dave Frees, a really smart trusts & estates lawyer, had to say about what I do:

Want to create a video library of 50 videos?

Want to get it done in a one-day video shoot?

Want to join the only video company that has an experienced video producer who’s also a seasoned medical malpractice trial lawyer?

If you want your potential clients to come into your office already liking you; trusting you and begging that you take their case, you need to create a video library. Where and how do you do that? The answer is in the Lawyers Video Studio.

Really smart lawyers who recognize that become our best clients. Are you right for us? If you think you are, I encourage you to contact my production manager to set up your free phone consultation. Email: or by phone, 1-800-320-4314. I look forward to your call.

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I have been answering the same questions over and over for 18 years and I wanted the opportunity to get those answers into video and onto my website. When I did my research, I looked on the Web, I talked to other attorneys, there was one man who I thought could do the job and that was Gerry Oginski. If you’re considering improving your business, and want to use the tool of video, this is a great place to start.

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