Have You Thought About Shooting Video in the Nude?

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No, not porno. The title is a grabber. You may be let down after looking forward to a video shot in the nude. Then again, you might just read the rest of this post.

Some will read this title to think I meant shooting video in the nude. Not true. Others will ignore the title and scan the article. Yet others will actually read the entire article. That’s typical of most readers.

Headline, scan, read. We’ve grown up in the age of information. Newspapers, books, articles and info online. We have information overload. How then can you stand out from the crowded field of being the same? The answer is with video.

While it’s true that you can use a scrubber bar to move a video forward and backward, a viewer does not follow the traditional form of headline, scan and then read. Instead, the process is different.

The headline grab is all-important. With video you can’t scan. If the content and presentation bore you, press your mouse button and “Click,” you’re gone. You must make the content interesting. You cannot be boring either. I’ve said this before. Many lawyers are boring on video.

Liven it up. Make your videos interesting. Look at interesting shows on TV and movies and ask yourself “What is it that’s compelling about that?” Then adopt that into your video.

And no…I have never thought about shooting video in the nude. That’s not a compelling reason to watch. Maybe if it was a beautiful woman who was…never mind.

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