Have You Ever Shot Attorney Video Outdoors at Night? I Have and Let Me Tell You About It…


NY Medical Malpractice Trial Attorney Gerry Oginski shooting video at dusk

It’s almost winter here in NY as I write this. The temperature is in the mid 40′s. I got this great idea to shoot some outdoor attorney video today on a Friday afternoon.

So, I headed home and grabbed my equipment.

I pulled out my camera, my tripod, my microphones and set up outside my house near my front lawn. The problem was that I was doing this at 4:30 pm. The sun was going down. There wasn’t much time left to use available light and I really didn’t want to take out my lights, bring them outside and set up.

Here’s why.

When I shoot video in front of my house with all my external lights on, all the cars that drive by slow down to see what’s going on. That is highly distracting.

However, as the clock was ticking I thought I could get out the few videos before it really got dark. The sun goes down early now and I really wanted to get out this great content.

Then I asked my 14 year old daughter to help me set up the frame and exposure since I did not have much time to do this on my own. You can imagine how excited my daughter was to get out of her warm bed, chatting with her friends on Facebook, just to help me.

Reluctantly, she agreed. I needed only 30 seconds of her time, which was just enough.

The first video I shot was relatively well lit. By the time I was on my third video, I realized I needed an external light source and ran to grab my lights.

It’s really weird talking to the dark where you have a really bright light blasting your face and you can’t see anything. I had an idea where the camera was, but you can’t really see it or the viewfinder because the light is shining right in your eyes to illuminate  you.

On playback, the video actually looked great. However, when I uploaded it to my computer and put it into Final Cut, I had to color correct first before I began editing. It was overly saturated and the colors were not what I saw in the viewfinder on playback.

It’s an interesting look. See for yourself here.

What are your thoughts? My opinion is I’ll be shooting my attorney video during the day instead of at dusk or at night. The colors pop so much more during the day when shooting attorney video outdoors. Do you agree? Let me know.

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2 Responses to Have You Ever Shot Attorney Video Outdoors at Night? I Have and Let Me Tell You About It…

  • joel denning says:

    I like the way this turned out. Also you are a hardworking trial attorney who may have been in Court or in the office. I prefer the “pop” of the sun, but this is quite nice.

  • Thanks Joel.
    I too prefer the way the colors pop during the daylight. Much crisper and more colorful. Here…it’s just different and that’s a good thing!

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