Have You Ever Gone to a Party & Ignored Everyone There?

Don’t Ignore the Biggest Video Party in the World

That’s what most lawyers do when they put video online.

They post their new video on the biggest video party in the world and then leave, never to return.

They don’t say “Hi.”

They don’t ask questions.

They don’t introduce themselves to other people.

It’s pretty pathetic really.

YouTube is the biggest social network in the world involving video messages. When you put a video on YouTube, you don’t do it in a vacuum. Instead, your content is indexed among other similar videos and similar content. If you just post your content believing your one video is totally isolated, you lose key opportunities to build relationships and interact with people who are interested in your content.

I’ve been to a few parties in my time. I have yet to see anyone walk into a party and just ignore everyone in the room. Why then do lawyers and the video companies they hire do just that?

I don’t understand it.

So what should you do?


Join the party. Talk to people. Ask questions. Learn more. Offer ideas and suggestions.

Don’t sell. Don’t preach. Don’t give your political views. Don’t give legal advice either.

Instead, get to know the people who are looking for and watching your content.

That’s what building relationships is all about.

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