What Would Happen if YouTube Shut Down & Couldn’t Deliver Your Video Content?

“Holy Sh*#@!” is what I and most internet marketers would say.

We are all familiar with the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

The same statement applies here.

But the real question is “If we rely on YouTube to have the maximum reach for our videos and YouTube somehow goes dark, where else do we put our videos?”

First of all, I don’t expect YouTube to shut down.

However, there have been instances of website outages and ‘maintenance work’ that have disrupted web traffic to other large and prominent websites.

Second, even though YouTube is the biggest and best known video distribution platform today, you still need to protect yourself and have a backup plan…just in case.

This backup plan should not be something that only kicks in after a natural disaster. Rather it should be complimentary to what you are already doing with your video marketing. This way, if there is a disruption to the YouTube service, you need not worry since your videos are still working for you online, just in different places.

YOU MUST put your videos on your website.

Years ago I held the belief that all videos on your website should be privately hosted. However, that thinking and rationale has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. Embedding YouTube videos into your website is now common practice and helps gain traction and traffic to your website and your YouTube videos.

If YouTube were to somehow shut down, then you would have lots of black empty squares sitting on different webpages on your website. That is a problem. The only solution to that problem is just to revert back to privately hosting your videos and placing them on your website.

I’m not suggesting you do this, but rather suggest that you incorporate both methods so that you balance out privately hosted videos on your website together with YouTube embedded videos on your site.

Another good alternative is to post your videos to other video sharing sites.

In years past there was an over-abundance of new video sharing sites. A few different services such as Traffic Geyser and TubeMogul allowed you to upload a a single video to multiple video sites all at once. Since YouTube became the obvious dominant player, many of the smaller video sharing sites have gone by the wayside and the remaining ones have tended to become less relevant today.

You might want to seriously reconsider uploading some of your videos to some of the other remaining video sharing sites simply as a backup to what you currently have.

Believe it or not, there are other sources to place your videos online.

Another great place to put your videos is Facebook. While it is relatively simple to link your Facebook account to your YouTube account and have your Facebook news feed notified every time you upload a new video, the better practice is to upload your video directly to Facebook.

If you have other sources you’d like to share here, I welcome and encourage you to share other resources you are currently using which will help our readers benefit from this.

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