“Guys Like You are a Dime-A-Dozen”

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That’s exactly what a really smart and savvy marketing guy said to me at a mastermind seminar. I almost took offense, but realized that he had no idea what I do and how I do it.

During our mastermind session, each participant was in the hot seat and they needed to explain to the group what they did and what challenges they were facing in their business. In the span of two minutes, I explained that I am the only trial attorney in the country who helps other lawyers create online video to market their practices.

This business owner did not understand what was different about what I do compared to any other video production company. He made the statement “Guys like you are dime a dozen.” It was a tough love comment given constructively.

My reply:

The first thing I pointed out was that we are not a video production company. We are a video marketing company.

He believed that any video company can hire a video crew, shoot video, edit it and then post it online. That statement is true. However, there are no other trial lawyers who help fellow lawyers create a video marketing program to market their businesses.

He still didn’t understand the benefit of having a trial lawyer as your video producer, video coach and video guide.

I asked him to envision himself as a lawyer who was searching for clients online. I asked him whether a film student or a typical run-of-the-mill video production company would know my ideal client was and how to create compelling content for that viewer. I asked him whether the film student would know what the ethical rules are about what an attorney could and could not say. I also asked him whether a video company that simply sends out a camera crew would be able to help the attorney create content that was compelling, got viewers interested, and made them recognize that this lawyer has information that they want and need.

I explained that most video companies simply ask a set of standardized questions and give very little guidance to the attorney regarding what to talk about. I explained that in my program, our initial mastermind session is the most critical component of the entire video marketing strategy. During that one hour phone call I reveal tips, strategies and tactics that are proven to work and are immediately able to be used with all other forms of online and off-line marketing.

You can hire lots of video production guys. Guys who really know their video equipment. Guys who understand production and lighting. Guys who know audio and editing. That’s the dime-a-dozen catchphrase that you can lump those ‘guys’ into. However, there’s no other attorney colleague who has personally used these tactics and strategies to grow his business dramatically who actually helps other lawyers do the same. There’s a huge difference.

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