Give it Away For Free-You’ll Get Better Paying Clients

I saw a great marketing tool today in action while on vacation in Florida.

My six-year-old son jumped into the pool and a moment later, came up for air excitedly telling me that “Daddy, there’s a scuba diver in the pool!” He eagerly went into the deep end and watched the scuba diver in 11 feet of water. A few minutes later of treading water, my son popped his head up above water and exlaimed “Dad, the diver is playing with me!”

A few minutes later the scuba diver came over to the shallow end of the pool, and asked my son if he wanted to see something cool. Of course, you know the answer. What did he show him? Out of all the scuba gear he had by the side of the pool, he reached in and pulled out a pair of swim fins- just the right size for my son. The smile on my son’s face was a mile wide. Then he reached into another bag of goodies and pulled out a face mask. You could see my son waiting with anticipation while the diver put a kid-sized mask over his head and adjust it properly. After he got used to the face mask, my son asked where the oxygen tank was and if he could use it.

When the scuba guy pulled out the air regulator which was attached to his oxygen tank, you could see the excitement in my son’s face and body language. He listened carefully as the diver explained how to put it into his mouth and breathe normally. After 30 seconds with the air regulator in his mouth, and his head above water, without being told to go under water, my son jumped the gun and began following the scuba diver’s feet. It was fascinating to watch.

I didn’t realize what was going on from a marketing standpoint until about 15 minutes later, when the scuba guy told me about how he’ll be here all week giving scuba lessons each morning. When I returned to the pool a few hours later, the scuba guy was still in the pool giving demonstrations to eager young kids. Once they were hooked, the scuba diver knew that the happy parents would eagerly fork over money for scuba lessons for the entire week. He knew it so well that he told me that each of these kids would be talking about scuba diving for the entire week. He wasn’t wrong.

My son hasn’t stopped talking about his exciting morning in the pool. (Luckily for me, he’s a little too young for lessons, but the scuba guy happily told my son that he’d work with him each morning and let him scuba dive with him).

This scuba diver knew that by giving away his services for free for a few hours in the pool today, he would be guaranteed to get paid for his scuba lessons for an entire week- all without any advertising at all. What an amazing concept.

As an attorney, you might want to consider this approach if you offer clients services for a fixed cost, like a simple will. How could you do it? Offer a simple will for free, and then explain why they’ll need a trust and an estate plan that you can charge for. Give it away for free, and your clients will eagerly pay you for your other services.

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Gerry-- This is truly one of the BEST videos explaining this little known fact I have EVER seen produced by a personal injury attorney! Well done!

Stephen Fairley
Rainmaker Institute