By David Oginski

My father, Gerry, seems to think that no person should waste his time.

He feel’s that his time in the day is so precious, giving him the Ok to be obnoxious and rude to anybody who gets in his way during the day…someone who “wastes” his time.

So, I wake up to someone screaming.

Alarmed and dazed, I quickly realize that it’s the same routine that my dad has every day.

A businessman calls our house, expecting to sell our family something, between carpet steam cleaning to a vacation, new car, prizes, etc. The businessman also expect a simple, “No Thank You, I’m Not Interested.”


Not from the Oginski household.

The response that  most businessmen get from my dad is usually a bad experience, involving screaming, over exaggeration and harsh questions.

The classic punch-line is “WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO CALL ME?”

Almost all the time, the businessmen and women, are shocked and unable to think of anything to say. I wouldn’t blame them. Who can respond to that? This is his usual routine at least 3 times a day.

I sit down to dinner, asking my dad, “How was your day?”

With his usual chuckle, thinking back to the numerous times he has said his line. And the perfect thing happens… the phone rings!

“I’LL GET IT!” I scream because if it’s a businessman, my father will not be happy.

“NO.” he says, jumping up and getting to the phone. Unfortunately, at dinner time, nine out of ten times its a businessman. My heart drops.

“HELLO?” my dad says harshly since he can see on the callerID it’s not someone we know.

“Yes Hi sir may I ask you if you would like to look at our extraordinary vacation deals here at the Ocean Palm 5 star——-”


(SLAM) goes the phone as he throws it down.

I slowly cover my eyes and shake my head. Mia, my sister, and I both look at each other, confused.

“Why do you always have to do that?” asks Mia.

“Yea, it’s just their job. How would you feel if you were explaining the Lawyers Video Studio,  then rudely someone screamed at you?” I ask him.

“It’s my precious time, that no one should waste- especially at dinner time.”

About David…

David is starting 7th grade next week and I asked him to write an article for me. About any topic.

With a twinkle in his eye, he said “Any topic? Will you put it on your Lawyers Video Studio website?”

“Yes I will,” I answered.

This is his first (of many) guest articles that he’ll be posting in the coming months. Now you can get an inside look at the Oginski household. Importantly, what’s your routine when a solicitor calls and interrupts your day or meal? We’d love to know how you handle them.

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  • Rob Anspach says:

    Haha…spot on David! I can just picture your dad doing this.

    And Gerry, they call at dinner because they know in good probability you are home and they are just trying to maximize their precious time and call people at the most opportune time. But, being the awesome Dad you are and the best lawyer on the planet, who turns everything he does into a life lesson, I would spend 1 minute with the phone caller and teach them how to revamp their script so they aren’t wasting anymore people’s value time.

  • You clearly have more patience than I do, especially at dinnertime. If you like, I can give them your number to call next :-)

  • Robert Snyder says:

    Nicely done, David.I think you just may have taught your dad, a very smRt man, an important lesson in life…….the golden rule….do unto others as you would have them do unto you…..you were right when you recognized that the poor soul on the other end of the phone was “just doing his job”, trying to earn money to feed himself and his family.Dad’s sometimes forget how lucky they are, thinking their time is more important than tha of the other human being.When life comes to an end, nobody measures how good a person you are by your bank account, boats, cars, or things like that.

  • Robert,
    Thanks for the uplifting message to David.

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