FindLaw Video Production; My Conversation With a FindLaw Rep

You’re thinking of hiring a video production company to create video for you. That’s a good start.

One of the companies on your list is FindLaw. That’s fair, especially since they are the big elephant in the legal marketing world. They have a huge network online and also have the ability to create video.

Come join me as I share with you a conversation I had with my FindLaw rep here in New York on June 1, 2012. (If you want to know his name, call me.)

FindLaw allows you to create four different video packages:

  • A 2-minute video program,
  • a 4-minute video program,
  • a 6-minute video program
  • and their largest, a 12 minute video program.

If you opt for their largest 12-minute video option, they basically come into your office and shoot video for eight full hours in order to get 8 final edited minutes of video. At some later point during the year they return to your office for four hours of video shooting in order to get four final minutes of edited video.

Prior to arriving to shoot your video, they script out your video with a writer/producer.

2 Comments by this Rep Blew Me Away

The two things that this rep said right out of the box told me immediately that he truly did not understand why video marketing is so powerful.

  1. The first thing he said was that he watched some of my videos and they looked like commercials. Anybody who watches any of my videos knows that I take great pains to make all of my videos educational and informative. Not a single one looks or appears like any commercial.
  2. Second, this rep told me that 65% of people who watch his clients’ videos convert into callers and have valid cases. This is absolute bull. I did not confront him on this fact but it was clearly evident to me that he pulled that number out of his head (I’m being polite with the anatomy here).

I have been using video to market my practice since 2006 and I can tell you that statistic is  overinflated and impossible.

The most amazing part of the conversation with this FindLaw rep was that when I told him that I had hundreds of videos to market my own solo practice, he said “Gerry, I don’t think you need any more video.”

I asked him why not.

He said “You don’t need more video. Instead you need a better optimized website.”

What do you think FindLaw’s main business strategy is? The answer is creating attorney websites.

I don’t know if he makes more of a commission selling an attorney website as opposed to video, but he clearly was focused on trying to get me into a website instead of videos.

Then, he said… “Gerry, you simply don’t show up in the search results…”

Normally, at this point in the conversation I point him to Google and tell him to search for “New York medical malpractice lawyer.” I then ask who comes up in the #1 organic search result position. When they realize that my website consistently shows up in the #1 search position for those highly competitive terms, there’s nothing more for them to say.

I was not so harsh with this rep because I still wanted to learn how much they charged for their video services.

And the results please…

Stay tuned for my next post that discusses what FindLaw charges for their video program and compare it to what we offer here in the Lawyers Video Studio.

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4 Responses to FindLaw Video Production; My Conversation With a FindLaw Rep

  • David Ricks says:


    This is why I stopped using FindLaw years ago. A lot of over promising, significant under performance and a complete lack of customer service and understanding of what real people want and are looking for when they are looking for a lawyer. I’m surprised they even tried to convert you. I love making my own video and I get a smile on my face when a new or returning client comments on the videos. They really appreciate the information.

  • David,
    Thanks for your comment. Glad to see you get a smile on your face when a client mentions your videos. Wait till Monday’s blog post that exposes the amount FindLaw charges for their video production. You’ll be amazed.

  • Well, FindLaw video production might be just over-hyped in most cases.

  • When you consider that an attorney only gets 12 edited minutes of video for a total cost of about $30,000 over two years and you can’t take your video content until your two years are up, you might just be right.

    In the Lawyers Video Studio, in our most popular program, you get 100-150 minutes of edited video for LESS than what FindLaw charges.
    You get to keep your content from day 1.

    You get to have an experienced trial attorney as your video producer.

    You get spotlight annotations and interactive transcripts and SO MUCH MORE!

    Hmmm, 12 minutes of video compared to 100-150 minutes of video…which would YOU choose?

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