Do You Ever Watch Your Own Attorney Marketing Videos?

watchtvYou should.

I guarantee when you do that, you’ll learn something new.

I guarantee when you do, you’ll learn something you shouldn’t have done.

I guarantee when you watch, you’ll pick up something you didn’t see before.

I guarantee there will be some facial expression or body movement that you will have regretted making. You will become a harsh critic and that’s fine.

BUT, don’t let those harsh observations paralyze you from making great educational video. Instead, use them to build upon your already growing attorney marketing library.

Learn from your mistakes.

Are your videos not generating any views? Then you’ve got to watch your video to see what the problem is. Be critical.

Did you take the time to optimize your video? No? That’s not good.

Did you create a compelling headline?

Is your thumbnail image interesting? Does it stand out?

Does your video capture your viewer’s attention in the first 5 seconds?

Are you stiff and boring or are you excited and naturally animated?

Is your presentation energizing and captivating?

Did you look at your analytics to see whether your viewers are watching your video till the end? If not, you need to look closer to your content and how you present your material.

I just saw a new attorney video where the lawyer was reading from a teleprompter. He looked as uncomfortable as a fish out of water. Nobody will watch that video. I mean nobody. What a waste.

I spoke to an attorney recently who told me he took an 8 week in-person course on how to feel comfortable in front of a video camera. I suggested that if he had participated in one of my attorney marketing video programs, I would have shown him how to feel comfortable during our mastermind call; something that works every single time.

When creating great video to market your law firm, don’t rely on your video company to do all that they’re supposed to do. Watch the video yourself, then ask a few unbiased friends who are not afraid to tell you the truth, what they really think.

You’ll be surprised at what you hear.

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Well, we recently got two really good cases. We tracked where they came from, the client said they had watched our YouTube videos and they were calling us because of it. The crazy thing is I’m a non-believer. I’m always trying to break out of the box I’ve put myself in and it is amazing. People will call you because of the videos you post.

Greg Stokes
Stokes & Kopitsky, P.A.