Ego Lawyer v. Savvy Lawyer; Which One Are You Closer To?

Sea Shells of Sanibel, Florida--How Do You Stand Out From the Crowd?

Savvy lawyer knows that relying on old style marketing isn’t working well now and he needs to do something different.

Ego driven lawyer knows he’s the best at what he does. He gets results. His clients love him. Other lawyers send their cases to him.


Jim is a small business owner and entrepreneur.

Sally is a part-time teacher with two small children. She also works for Jim part-time as a cashier. Jim is a bit of a male pig. He tends to make inappropriate comments in front of Sally. Some of those comments are sexual in nature.

One day Jim corners Sally and says straight out that if she has sex with him she’ll get a raise. Sally doesn’t know what to do. She tells her best friend. She knows that if she tells her husband he’d confront Jim and send him to the hospital. Her friend says to talk to a lawyer.

Sally doesn’t know a lawyer. Neither does her friend. At home Sally goes online to learn about discrimination in the workplace. She wants to learn what she can do when being harassed at work. She finds a few articles and blog posts. Those are from people in other states. She keeps looking.

She jumps over to YouTube and does the same search. She finds some great videos by Savvy lawyer. She listens to two of his videos and likes what he has to say. He explains what employment discrimination is. Another video explains what sexual harassment is. Another of Savvy’s videos explain what a lawsuit is designed to do and what damages are available in an employment discrimination lawsuit.

She decides to call Savvy lawyer first thing in the morning. She meets with Savvy lawyer three days later. Upon entering Savvy’s office, Sally feels comfortable. She already knew the receptionist, since she was one of the people on camera who welcomed her in a video.

When Sally entered Savvy’s private office she felt as if she had been there before and felt right at home. She actually begged Savvy to take her case. Savvy didn’t have to do any selling.

What happened to Ego Driven lawyer?

Sally never met him. She never even knew he existed. Ego Lawyer was nowhere to be found online. Sally didn’t know anyone who knew such an attorney. All she knew was to go online and search for her problem.

Could Ego Lawyer have solved Sally’s problem? Of course. Could he have gotten a better result than Savvy lawyer? Unknown.

From a potential client’s perspective, they will often go online to search for information. Savvy lawyer understood that. He capitalized on that. He provided great content to Sally who found his information on his website, on a blog, on an article site, on YouTube, on a video blog, in his free books and on his Facebook page and Twitter account.

Ego Lawyer is too busy looking in the mirror to believe that someone would not come to him because of his great reputation. Turns out Ego Lawyer is missing a great opportunity to teach and educate those ‘few’ people who don’t know him.

Which of these lawyers do you think you’re closer to?

I know which one I’m closer to, tell me who you’re closer to and why. I’d love to know.

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