How can you compete with attorneys who have a system for creating educational video?

That’s a question I ask attorneys often when they tell me they want to create video.

They see their competitors creating a handful of videos, and they want to join the “me too” crowd. They love doing what their competitors are doing. They don’t have any creativity to figure out what to do on their own, but instead are relying on the attorneys who compete with them to lead the charge about what type of marketing to do next.

It’s a never ending escalation when you have attorneys who follow their competitors.

One attorney takes out a small ad in the newspaper. Then their biggest competitor takes out a bigger ad. Then the next week the first attorney takes out an even bigger ad. It simply escalates and the only person who wins is the newspaper who gets all those advertising dollars.

Lawyers who focus on their competitors and what they are doing to try and attract new business are focusing on the wrong thing.

You, as an attorney who markets your law firm, should not be overtly concerned with what your competitors are doing. You should definitely be aware of what they’re doing, but not focus on exactly what they are doing. There is a key reason for this.

Following your competitors will become all-consuming by every tactic and strategy they are implementing. It will drive you crazy. It will overwhelm you. You will always have in the back of your mind that your marketing efforts are never enough. You can never keep up.

I’m going to share something revealing that will hopefully change the way you look at what your competitors do to market their law firms.

Be aware of what your competitors do, but focus on your own goals and strategies.

You don’t know what goes on with the back end of your competitors’ marketing. You have no clue if their marketing actually works. You don’t know what their stats are. All you see is a constant flood of different marketing efforts.

Don’t follow them. Instead, focus on your differences. Focus on your strengths. You don’t need to compare yourself to your competitors.

Instead, you merely have to do things differently.

Let me give you a perfect example.

In 2006,  my caseload was down and I tried copying what other big law firms were doing in New York…without success. I tried to figure out what most of these law firms were not doing. I was unable to run massive TV campaigns. I knew nothing about radio marketing and I didn’t have the money to take out full-page ads in the newspapers.

I needed something different.

That difference first arose when a little tiny website with a funny sounding name said “Now accepting user generated video content.” That website was called YouTube.

Since I couldn’t afford TV or radio messaging, I looked to see what this video thing was all about. I knew that none of my competitors, especially the big law firms, knew anything about video. Neither did I for that matter.

What I did know was that the trend was only going to get bigger with people going online to look for information. Sure someone could read an article. Of course someone could read a blog post. Naturally anyone could read a frequently asked question and answer.

But I had an idea that was way ahead of my time.

“Why couldn’t I create an educational message in the form of a video that would teach and educate my ideal client and consumer?”

I knew for a fact that there were no other attorneys in the country who were creating educational messages. Some had carelessly thrown their CLE lectures online. Others had ignorantly put their television commercials onto YouTube believing that anyone in their right mind would eagerly want to watch a lawyer screaming for 30 seconds.

I chose to do something that no one else in the country had done before.

Remarkably, people actually began to call.

They found my video content, found it interesting and realized I had great information for them. It was early in 2006 when I realized I had hit on something remarkable.

Fast forward eight years. I have now created 1363 videos to market my solo law firm. There is no one in the country who has as many videos online to market their law firms. None.

There is no one in the country who can show you actual proof of videos that generated calls that generated valid cases that generated settlements in the sum of $8.6 million.

I have found that the only way to consistently create fresh new video content is to have a clear and concise system that allows me to crank out great educational content on a daily basis.

I speak to many attorneys who tell me they would like to do something similar. However, they don’t want to create an in-house system to do it. Well, if you are not going to create an in-house system to create video consistently every month, every few weeks, every other week or even every day, you need a dedicated system to do that.

If you intentionally choose not to do that, then you need a tested and proven system that allows you to create lots of great video content in one day that you can then drip out over time.

That’s exactly what we do here in the Lawyers Video Studio.

We help you create great educational video, either here in New York or in your office. Creating video with us is hassle-free, fun, and motivating.

Your goal as an attorney who is marketing your law firm is to create lots of great educational content that will help your viewers recognize that you have great information that they need to solve their legal problems.

The only way to create lots of great video content on a consistent basis is either to set up an in-house system to do it yourself or have an experienced, tested video marketing company do it for you to remove the burden and stress associated with doing it all yourself.

If you recognize this is what you need, then I invite you to call me for a discovery chat and see if we are good fit for each other. Call me at 516-487-8207.

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