Why You Don’t Create Attorney Marketing Videos for Search Engines

googleThe reason is that the search engine is not your ideal client.

Google knows that many people (attorneys and their marketing folks) try to create content geared for the search engines. For SEO purposes.

If you do that, Google and other search engines will recognize that and likely penalize you for speaking to search engines instead of speaking to consumers.

Google focuses their efforts to connect consumers and what THEY ARE SEARCHING FOR with people who have relevant content. People don’t search for info the way a computer robot does. People use natural language and text. They don’t overstuff their sentences with phrases that make you wonder what the heck they’re saying and why are they being so repetitive?

When creating great video marketing content as attorneys, you MUST focus on your viewer and WHAT THEY ARE SEARCHING FOR, not what you want to tell them and not what you think the search engines want.

Here’s a perfect example…

Today I was shooting video with a really smart attorney. Before we started, I asked him to go through his first attorney marketing video with me. After 30 seconds, I had to stop him. I asked him “Why are you talking like that and using those phrases?”

He replied “Because I need to create video for the search engines, so they realize I have great content.”

I said “No. That’s not how it’s done and that’s not how we’re going to do it.”

The attorney was very combative. He disagreed with me. He wanted to do it his way.

I was tempted to ask him this series of questions:

  1. How many videos have you done up until now? (He’d done less than five with some other company)
  2. How many responses did you get with your other videos? (I suspect none).
  3. Do you know what compels a viewer to pick up the phone and call you instead of your competitor? (He didn’t.)
  4. Do you teach lawyers across the country what works and what doesn’t with video marketing? (He doesn’t.)
  5. Have you personally created over 1000 videos to market your law firm (He hadn’t).
  6. Have you generated over $8.6 million in settlements from cases that you handled from people who watched your videos and realized you were the right one for them? (He hadn’t).

Instead, I told him that this was his video shoot and he was welcome to talk about whatever he wanted.

However, if he were to to do that, I don’t want him calling me months from now wondering why nobody is watching his videos. My best practices recommendation was NOT to worry about the search engines.

Rather, focus on your ideal consumer and provide them great content. The search engine stuff is secondary. The primary goal of an attorney who is using video to market their law firm is to maximize the chances a viewer will find your videos, watch your videos, find them compelling and pick up the phone to call.

Focus on what matters…your content for your consumer. Leave the search engine stuff to Google.

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