Do Your Clients Really Care About How Much Law You Know?

I’ll bet you think they do.

You know they law. They don’t.

You think they come to you because you are the most knowledgeable lawyer around. You think they want to know all that you know. They want to pick your brain. They want explanations about the minutiae and nitpicky details of some arcane area of law that applies to them.

You are proud of what you know. You make every effort to show off to your new clients your vast knowledge of the law. You make a show of it. As if you are on stage and your new prospective clients are spectators.

Your knowledge will dazzle them. Awe them. Make them star-struck to hear more.

****Sorry to disappoint you****


Your prospective clients don’t care about your knowledge of the law.

They don’t want you to dazzle and razzle them.

They don’t want to hear you spout off ten subsections of the law along with the chapter, subdivision and paragraphs by heart.

They don’t want any of that.

****What the heck do they want?****

Only one thing…

They only want to know that you can solve their legal problem. That’s it. They don’t REALLY care how you do it. They only care that you CAN do it.


When your car breaks down and you take it to the mechanic to fix. Do you really want to know what torque wrench he used to turn the bolt that connected the doohickey to the whatchamacallit? Do you really care about the parts he used to get your car running again?

Most people just want to know it was the alternator that broke and he put in a new one and now your car works perfectly. You just want a cursory explanation of what was wrong and what he did to justify his fee. That’s it. You don’t want a 15 minute explanation delving into the engineering reasons why the part failed and what he did to remove it and replace it.


Your potential clients are the same way.

Don’t bore them to death with your massive knowledge of the law. Instead, show them you can solve their problem. That makes all the difference.

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Gerry-- This is truly one of the BEST videos explaining this little known fact I have EVER seen produced by a personal injury attorney! Well done!

Stephen Fairley
Rainmaker Institute