“Do You Give Too Much Information Away in Your Attorney Videos?”

Pushback tractor designed to push airplanes back from the gate.

I posed this question to my Lawyers Video Studio group on Facebook.  I wanted to know whether there was any push back from viewers if you give away too much information in your attorney videos.

Interestingly, the pushback came not from the attorneys who created the videos. Rather, the pushback came from other lawyers who were not creating video. Those lawyers had viewed videos of the attorneys giving information; competitors and colleagues. The comments they received from those other lawyers were quite surprising.

“I can’t believe you give away so much information.”

“Aren’t you afraid you are giving away too much information in your videos?”

“If your viewers get all this information from you in a video, why do they need you as their attorney?”

“I would never give away that much information, I would make the new client pay for it in a paid consultation.”

The more I heard from these lawyers about comments they had received from other attorneys who had failed to create any video, one thing became obvious.

The push back was not coming from the viewers who watched these educational attorney videos. Instead, the push back was coming from attorneys who clearly didn’t understand the purpose of providing great content and information to their ideal client and consumer.

I wanted to delve deeper into why this was occurring. So I asked “Why?”

My good friend from California, accomplished trial attorney Mitch Jackson left a comment that resonated with me. He thought that these attorneys were scared.  Maybe they were afraid of technology. Maybe they felt that since they were “different” and “purists” they could criticize other attorneys who were adopting new technology.

The lawyers who thought the attorney videos were giving away too much information were looking at it from the wrong viewpoint.

The mindset of the viewer is the most important concept to understand when creating a message in today’s online world. The reality is if you focus on your ideal viewer and provide great educational material to them, you will always stand out from the crowd.


Because you are teaching and educating your consumer, which, by the way, is our goal as an attorney.

By teaching our consumers things that they did not know before, without giving any legal advice, we are doing a great service to the general public and using the best media we have available to do so.

Hats off to all attorneys who give too much information in their videos!

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2 Responses to “Do You Give Too Much Information Away in Your Attorney Videos?”

  • The question becomes: how much money are those attorneys making from consultations where they give this advice for a fee? Are they getting clients from those consultations? If not, then giving it away in a video establishes authority and goodwill while saving you the time spent meeting with someone to give them the advice (whether you charge or not). They come ready to hire you, rather than seeking the knowledge first (and oftentimes not hiring you once they get it).

  • Steve, point well taken.
    The great thing about video marketing is that it allows viewers to get to know you and learn that you have the content and info they need. There is no way for a viewer to get ALL the info they need just from a 2-3 minute video…even when you have as many videos as I have (over 700!).

    There is another benefit to getting viewers interested in your content, even though they may not hire you immediately. You can get them into your funnel since they raised their hands for more information. Then when they’re ready to hire you, you become the natural choice.

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