Do These Videos Sound Familiar?

Watch each video.
Read each title. Then ask yourself if each video sounds remarkably familiar.


New York Attorney Steven North answers:


New York Attorney Dan Minc answers:


New York Attorney Arthur Blitz answers:

Do These Videos Sound Familiar? They should. They were all done by the same video production company. But there’s even more similarity here.

  • The title is the same for each.
  • The background is the same for each.
  • They’re even looking at the same place off-camera.
  • YouTube shows they each have less than 20 views per video, even though they were uploaded over seven months ago.

But there’s a bigger problem here.

Each of the three attorneys are from different law firms. They compete with each other in the same geographic area here in New York City.

Why is that a problem?

I’d be pretty mad if my video production company had competing attorneys talk about the same exact question in their videos.

You see, a video producer helps shape and control what the attorney is going to talk about. The producer provides suggestions to the attorney about what their viewers want to hear and learn about. A video producer that blatantly tells three competing attorneys to talk about the same exact topic and asks the same exact question would make me very upset; especially if he or she didn’t tell each of these attorneys that their competitors would be asked the same exact question.

So why is that a problem?

How do you differentiate the three attorneys from these three videos?

I’ve been in practice over 21 years in New York and have created hundreds of educational videos and I can’t differentiate them from these videos.

I don’t fault the attorneys here. Rather, the fault lies with the video producer who obviously knew they’d be asking the same exact question to three different lawyers who compete with each other. The lawyers each paid good money to create their video. If this were me, I’d be rather upset.

What’s the bottom line?

Make sure your video producer helps you create original content. Make sure they’re not also creating the same exact content for your competitors. If they are, I suggest looking elsewhere for your video production needs.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great day!


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2 Responses to Do These Videos Sound Familiar?

  • Very good questions to be asking. It seems that using video production companies is a very bad idea, especially for the syndication of the video. On Real Estate Appraiser Tips, I reviewed a video of a commercial appraiser from Florida who hired a local video production company. I thought the video was well done, not as formal as the attorney videos in your post. The appraiser’s video was of him walking through his neighborhood pointing out challenges to their market, building on his local trust agent identity. There were some issues with the sound that could have been better. But, the major problem was that no where in the video did it state the Town and State (Location), appraiser’s company name, phone number, contact information or website link. This could have been an appraiser from anywhere in the U.S.. This guy paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to be on YouTube, but we still don’t know where he’s from or how to contact him, even after my review. The best videos you make and syndicate are the ones you do yourself. Bill Cobb

  • Hi Bill- you raise a very good point. I agree that you must identify who you are and the geographic location so viewers know it. On the flip side, there are many good video production companies that do exactly what you suggest. Bottom line: Include your location and name of your company. That’s crucial. Oh yes…one more thing. Tell your video production company to take their logo off your video. You’re the one promoting your product or service. Did your video company pay you for the right to advertise ON YOUR video? I don’t think so.

    Thanks for taking the time to write!


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