Did This Firm Hire the Godzilla Film Crew?

Another YouLaw review by Gerry Oginski!

“Read My Lips (Since My Video Didn’t Sync Properly)

Military criminal defense attorney Michael Waddington of Gonzalez & Waddington serves up some heady practical advice in his straight-talking video that turns to mush.

Attorney Michael Waddington is the brute squad (see The Princess Bride) with a smile. I like his videos. I like his direct eye contact. I like the effort he makes to inform viewers about his area of law. He answers commonly asked questions, and does it in a friendly style. He’s down to earth.

But this video turns to mush about 40 seconds into it.”

“Lawyer, journalist, and legal media consultant Robert Ambrogi says: “This military defense lawyer may have a good point to make about conflicts, but his video deserves a court martial.”

Click here to read the full review to find out why.

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I have been answering the same questions over and over for 18 years and I wanted the opportunity to get those answers into video and onto my website. When I did my research, I looked on the Web, I talked to other attorneys, there was one man who I thought could do the job and that was Gerry Oginski. If you’re considering improving your business, and want to use the tool of video, this is a great place to start.

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