By Gerry Oginski, Esq.

Some incredible views

Take a look at a video I created a year ago titled

Questions Never To Ask At a Deposition
Views: More than 12,000
The “views” represent the number of times this video has been viewed on Yahoo. That’s twelve thousand views! That’s amazing. No, I did not click on the video 11,999 times.

Here’s another video I created titled
NY MEDICAL MALPRACTICE-Failure To Diagnose Brain Tumor

The key to creating an interesting video is to understand what a potential client wants to know.

Here’s a list of some other videos I created:

Bus Accidents in New York- The Straight Truth
Queens Bicycle Rider Hit At a T Intersection-NY Accident Attorney Explains
Car Accidents & Quick Settlement Offers-The Straight Truth
Unnecessary Hysterectomy-NY Medical Malpractice
NY MEDICAL MALPRACTICE-Breast Cancer Misdiagnosed
NY ACCIDENT LAWYER-Trip & Falls; The Straight Truth
NEW YORK ACCIDENT LAWYER-Bicycle Accident; Straight Truth
NEW YORK ACCIDENT LAWYER-Proving Damages; The Straight Truth
NY MEDICAL MALPRACTICE-Why Most Victims Don’t Recover a Dime; The Straight Truth

As of this writing, I have created, produced and uploaded over 130 educational video clips for viewers to my website and my video blog. As one lawyer to another, I want to use my experience to help you. Here’s how.


I believe you need a ‘turn-key’ solution to get video on your website and the internet. I believe that you need the ability to get video online quickly in the face of new and important legal updates and developments in the law. I truly believe you need to be able to create new, fresh sets of videos at a reasonable cost that does not break your advertising budget.

The way to do it is with my exclusive membership service. I have created a video company to address the clear demand for a lawyer who helps other lawyers put video on their websites. My service is a dream for those lawyers who want video online, but do not want to pay outrageous prices for the marketing vultures to take their money with vague and hopeful promises of tons of potential clients knocking at your door.

My service allows you to create video on a monthly basis. I know you have a lot of information to give to your potential clients. I know you cannot do it only in sound bites of 1-2 minutes each for a total of four or five video clips. It’s simply not enough. My video service allows you to become a charter member. Once you have joined, you will be able to create videos that will appear on your website and on video sharing sites on a regular monthly basis.

You want to talk about a new case handed down by the Court of Appeals? No problem. You’ll be able to shoot an hour of video each month, giving you four to five video clips per month!

By becoming a founding member of my video service, you get in on the ground floor and your pricing remains frozen for an entire year. The big website companies charge you for one set of video clips. What I am offering is to give you the opportunity to not only create one set of videos, but to create a new set each month.

Who will be invited to join this exclusive program?

Those attorneys who show an eagerness to learn; those lawyers who recognize the benefits of putting video online; those individuals who have an open mind and realize that online video for lawyers is the best way to distinguish yourself from all of your competitors. Create the video once, and have it watched hundreds and thousands of times- all for the same price.

Next up:
Join me for my final installment in this informative series about creating online video for lawyers.

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