Creating Attorney Video on Vacation & My Video Workflow

When I am on vacation (which is often), I’m usually able to create lots of great attorney video content for my ideal clients and consumers. I love taking my video gear with me on vacation and shooting in different locations. My family recognizes why I do this and how powerful this has become to market my solo law practice in one of the most competitive legal markets in the country.

After I have shot my videos, I will begin the editing process and upload my attorney videos to my laptop. Once I color correct, add graphics, add an intro, exit, add intro & exit music, and some other behind-the-scenes magic, I will then render the video and create a quick time video file. This workflow is systematized and done consistently the same way for each and every video.

The problem arises when I have a really slow Internet connection at the resort I’m staying at. If I am unable upload my videos, then I run into a bottleneck.

Although inconvenient, I do have multiple options available to cranking out great new attorney video content despite the bottleneck with a slow Internet connection.

One of the simplest solutions is to tether my iPhone and turn it into a mobile hotspot. The problem for me, is that currently I use Verizon and have an unlimited data plan. The moment I make any changes to include a mobile hotspot to my iPhone, my data plan reverts to a maximum limit of 2 GB per month for an additional fee. With the amount of video and data that I consume on a monthly basis, this would be astronomically expensive & prohibitive and I’ve opted not to go this route.

Instead, I’ve chosen to change my workflow and continue editing all my videos and then creating content for each of the videos so when I return home, or find a faster Internet connection, I can immediately upload those videos in sequence.

The postproduction workflow is much more than simply uploading the video with a brief description and brief title.

I spend a considerable amount of time crafting my headlines, my description, creating a word for word 100% accurate transcript, creating spotlight annotations, creating a blog post, creating an article, and then preparing content to use on my social media networks. This is all just for one single video.

This means when I return home, I have an entire video library waiting to be fully uploaded that is designed to attract my ideal clients and consumers with content they want to know and need.

Do you create attorney video content on your vacation? If you do, tell me about your workflow. I’d love to know.

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