Comments Affect Your YouTube Video Visibility

I have said it before. You need to engage your viewers in a conversation. Looking at YouTube’s new analytics tool, one of the ways YouTube judges how relevant your videos are, are by the number and quality of comments on your videos.


That means that a lot of companies that promise to get people’s videos ranked highly are going to be very unhappy when they realize the quality of their comments are insufficient to help their client’s videos rank higher.


You can tell almost instantly when somebody leaves a robotic spammy comment. Typically, it says something like “Great content. Just love it. Keep up the great work.”


That comment offers no useful information and doesn’t engage the creator of that video or promote any real substantive conversation. There are people who actually pay others to generate comments like those for a few pennies apiece. Make sure you stay away from offers like those.


People who are genuinely interested in the content you’re talking about will ask you real questions with real problems. If you engage your viewer by responding in a thoughtful and educational manner you will, organically, improve the relevancy of your video content.


Of course, neither YouTube nor Google share their algorithms with the general public, and they change it often. However with the new tools YouTube just made available, you get to see a full analytics suite for your entire video channel.


Don’t just glance at the number of comments you receive. Instead, you should actually take a few moments to read those comments or have someone assigned every few days to read and respond.


If your good friend sent you an e-mail asking you a question, you wouldn’t ignore them would you? If a potential consumer is sitting at your desk and asked you a question, you’re not going to get up and walk away without answering, right?


Stop ignoring people, pay attention to what they have to say and then respond.


Being part of online social media means that you must be social. For many of you this will be difficult. For many of you, you will not want to engage. That’s okay. However, just remember being on social networks means that you need to engage and learn about others. Through laws of reciprocity, people will naturally want to know about you.


Once you begin helping others, with no expectation of a reciprocal payback, you will soon recognize what it truly means to give of yourself. You also recognize that you can help transform others by providing useful information to people who need your services.


What type of comments do people leave on your videos?

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