A Cheap Marketing Ploy…What a Car Dealer Did to Annoy the Heck Out of Me

Just bought this for my wife

Just bought this for my wife

I just bought a new car for my wife.

When I picked up the car, the dealer had only filled the tank with 3/4 of a tank of gas.

I said “What’s the deal? Why bother filling the tank with 3/4? Why not a full tank of gas?”

The dealer laughed and said no dealers give you a full tank of gas.

I said that’s bullsh*t, since I just bought another car the week before and this other dealer eagerly gave me full tank of gas.

He said unless you had a special arrangement to get a full tank, you don’t get a full tank.

By the way, this is the same dealership that sent a thank you note on folded copying paper with what looks like a kindergarten computer program that is about 15 years old. It wasn’t even personalized.

Let me ask you this question…

Don’t you think they’d have a better customer interaction if they spent a few more dollars to fill the damn tank than have me rant in a blog post and tell all my friends about this stupid half-assed attempt at marketing? Sorry, 3/4 attempt at marketing?

A good story gets shared with your good friends.

A bad interaction gets shared with hundreds and thousands.

They don’t have a clue.

As for their marketing…they leave a lot to be desired.

Bottom line…if you’re going to do something special for your customer or client, go all the way and not half-assed.

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Well, we recently got two really good cases. We tracked where they came from, the client said they had watched our YouTube videos and they were calling us because of it. The crazy thing is I’m a non-believer. I’m always trying to break out of the box I’ve put myself in and it is amazing. People will call you because of the videos you post.

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