Video Marketing for Lawyers: “Change Your Clothes!”

The emperor had a change of clothes and so should you.

When you arrive in court for trial each day, you have changed your clothes, right? (At least I hope so.)

When you watch the evening news (does anybody still watch the evening news?) you notice the newscasters with different clothes each night.

“Why does this matter and what the heck am I talking about?”

I’ll tell you…

Have you heard the phrase “Same old, same old?” Sure you have. It means the same damn thing as always. Nothing has changed. It’s boring. Not interesting. “So what does this have to do with video marketing for lawyers?” I’m glad you asked. The answer is “everything.”

Let’s say you shoot an hour of  video wearing your nice sharply creased white shirt with a blue polka-dot tie and a navy pin-striped suit. From that one hour of video, you can get about 4-5 video clips lasting 2-3 minutes each. (I know some video production companies that take hours of video and only give you one or two video clips lasting less than one minute each.) If you’re wearing the same thing in each video clip, it becomes the “same old, same old.” Maybe you don’t want to change your clothes. “I’ll change it on the next video shoot.” Ok. That’s fine. Just make sure you do, because your viewers will remember, especially if you have all of your videos on one web page.

If you change your clothes, it appears as if you are being DIFFERENT!

That’s the whole point of creating video: To show you’re different.

The bottom line: CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great day!


Gerry is a New York medical malpractice and personal injury trial lawyer in practice for over 21 years. He has produced and created over 200 educational and informative videos to help consumers understand how lawsuits work in the State of New York. If you want to see how Gerry has used video to promote his own practice click here.

Gerry created the Lawyers’ Video Studio to help lawyers get onto video. To get started with creating video to market your legal services, Gerry offers a simple and cost-effective turn-key video creation system where he does everything for you except appear on camera, click here to learn more.

You can reach Gerry personally at 516-487-8207 or by e-mail at He welcomes your call.

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