What is the biggest problem attorneys face with video marketing once they’ve decided to create video?


When you don’t know someone and don’t know someone who can refer you to someone, what do you do? Chances are that you’re going to go online to look for information.

You’re in search mode.

You want information. You want to learn. You want to be an informed consumer. You don’t want someone schlocky and fly-by-night. You have an image to uphold. You need to appear dignified. You need someone who has done this before, many times and has a true understanding of you, your clients and what content your ideal consumers want and need to know.

Your search begins…


Sure you look at their website. You look to see if they have articles, blog posts, FAQ’s & answers. You look to see if they have videos.

Importantly, do they teach you how video marketing works?

Here’s another important thing to look for…

Have they written any books about video marketing? How about special reports? Do they give their information away so you can learn, or do they have a static and boring website that forces you to call just for basic information?

Of course you’d like to see real testimonials from real attorneys.

If there are written and video testimonials, you want to see where they attorney is from and of course, you want to make sure they give their full name so you can actually call them and ask them about their experience.


Every attorney wants to know this question. However, the really smart lawyers don’t look at this as a ‘cost’, but rather an investment. There’s a huge difference.

When you buy office supplies, they ‘cost’ something. That’s an expense you’ll likely never be able to recoup. However, a video marketing campaign is instead an investment in yourself, your law firm and your family.

These videos are created once and work for you forever, all for the same ‘investment’ to create them and get them working for you online.

There is no other type of advertising media available that allows us to do the same thing. None


As attorneys, we are famous for saying “It depends…”

But that’s true of any marketing campaign.

  • It depends on your competition and what you’re up against.
  • It depends on your initiative and resolve to implement best strategies and tactics.
  • It depends on whether you follow instructions on what to do with your video.
  • It depends on whether you supplement your videos with written content including blog posts, articles, FAQ’s and social media.
  • It depends on what you’re talking about in your video.
  • It depends on how you present your content.
  • Do you have a compelling message?
  • Are you engaging and interesting?
  • Did you optimize your videos?
  • Did you include spotlight annotations on YouTube?
  • Did you include a verbatim transcript for YouTube?

All these will affect your ultimate ROI.


If you create video with me in the Lawyers Video Studio, I can answer that question…

Actually, very little.

Your time involvement includes a one hour strategy call, known to my clients as a ‘mastermind’ session. Then you have 3-4 weeks to prepare your content and practice.

Most of my clients opt for the 50 video program in ONE DAY!

In fact, practically every attorney creates much more than 50 videos during that one day.

After your video shoot is over, you can rest easy and let us do the hard behind-the-scenes magic to get your videos looking good and uploaded to YouTube using only best practices that have been proven repeatedly to work.

As for other video companies? I know personally that many simply have you create a handful of FAQ’s and when you’ve run out of gas, ask you “Ok Counselor, what do you want to talk about now?”

In my opinion, that’s not a good use of your time.


You can.

Go ahead.

Go to the cheapest guy around.

See what kind of videos you get. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get someone who has some idea of what he’s doing.

It’s more likely you won’t.

If you’re considering hiring one of these folks or a neighbor’s teenager, make sure you ask them:

  1. Whether they know who your ideal client is,
  2. Whether they know what keeps your clients up at night.
  3. What are your ideal client’s pain points.

Then, ask yourself how someone who doesn’t know the answers to those questions can help you create content that your viewers want and need to know.

Also, ask them if they’ve ever created video for an attorney that generated calls to the attorney’s office. If yes, ask if those calls resulted in valid cases. If yes, ask how much profit the attorney generated as a direct result of getting that case from that video.


That leads me to social proof.

Every attorney wants to know that this has worked. We’re a cautious group. We’re also late adopters to new technology. We often have a pack mentality when it comes to marketing.

We want to see what others in similar niches have done with this type of video marketing and we want to see what type of results they have achieved.

Social proof is very powerful. It affirms our decision to move forward.

Without social proof, you are left to wonder if anyone has used their video services and what their experience has been like.

Make sure you scour the video company’s web site to look for social proof.

Look to see if the company you are evaluating uses the same exact strategies and tactics to market their own business. If they don’t, ask why.


So that you can make an educated decision about which video company is right for you.

By the way, you should also look to see whether the company is just a ‘production company’ where they produce your videos and upload, or are they a ‘marketing company’ who helps you with your video marketing from start to finish?

There’s a huge difference.


To see real, social proof from really smart attorneys here in the Lawyers Video Studio, click here.

To read lots of great articles about video marketing, click here.

To learn the details of what we do for you here and how we make your videos happen, click here.

Finally, if you need help with your video marketing strategy I encourage you to reach out to me at 516-487-8207. Without a strategy for your videos, you’ll quickly go in circles and soon wonder why nobody’s watching your videos.

Best regards,



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