Best Day to Shoot Video: Cloudy Day

(I created this video under cloudy skies. Click the play button to watch. Then change the setting to 720p on the bottom right of the video player. Your setting might read 240p or 360p or 480p. For best video resolution, change it to 720p to get crystal clear video).

You do realize I’m referring to shooting video outdoors, right?

This has nothing to do with shooting video indoors or in a studio.

The best day, according to video experts such as Harry Brockman, and Jim Folliard,, is to shoot on a cloudy day. Why?

There is no direct sunlight to create harsh shadows. Clouds are perfect natural diffusers to spread light across evenly. When you create video in your office or in a studio, you typically use soft box lighting. The purpose is to spread out and create even lighting where there are no shadows anywhere.

For years, I thought that creating video outdoors under a cloudy sky was a terrible place to shoot video. I thought the video would look dark and give a gloomy feel to my videos. Once I learned how to use the manual settings on my camera, I recognized with the help of video wizard Harry Brockman, that shooting video on a cloudy day is the perfect way to shoot video outdoors.

Now remember, I’m not saying go outside and shoot on a rainy day. Instead, I’m saying that if you are going to be shooting video outdoors, understand all of the inherent challenges (including your neighbors cutting your lawn on Labor Day weekend while you are trying to shoot video) to shooting video outdoors and learning to take advantage of clouds in the sky.

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