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Great Legal Marketing

“A Parade of Moving Interest” was a phrase that Ben Glass explained to a packed room full of lawyers from around the country looking to stand out from the crowd. Unless you were a Dan Kennedy devotee, you most likely needed Ben’s explanation to understand the concept that a consumer or potential client isn’t looking for you or your legal services when they wake up in the morning.

How then do you market to a group of people who don’t need you now? That was the challenge that Ben attacked so well. On Friday night and Saturday morning, we were treated to Dan Kennedy talking about that exact issue. “How do you market to a group of people who inherently mistrust what you are and what you have to say?”

The answer was insightful. It took Ben and Dan hours to get to the bottom line and was well worth it.

Here’s my take-away from the conference:

You must build relationships. You must get people to like you and trust you. How do you do that? I’m glad you asked, because Ben, Tom Foster and Rem Jackson explained just that over the course of two days in Reston, Virginia.

The obvious way to build a relationship is with personal interaction. Absent that, the next best way is using video. There is no other media available that allows a prospective client to get to know you, like you and trust you, before they ever meet you. Lawyers can leverage video to maximize their time by creating one educational message that can be watched 10 times, 1000 times or 1 million times, all for the same exact cost of zero.

There was a new topic at GLM this year: Lawyers competing for prizes based upon worst marketing to best marketing. The competition was fierce.

Neil Goldstein, a PI attorney from Long Island gave a heart-rendering overview of how Ben helped him transform the way he practiced law and changed his life. Brian Mittman a disability attorney in Westchester, NY described a similar transformation, and created a humorous video about blog-talk-radio. An unusual competitor was Larry Weinstein, a CPA from Texas who showed us step-by-step what an incredible marketer he has become using the strategies and techniques used by Ben Glass, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. Jason Epstein also explain his transformation. The last attorneys competing for a MacBook Pro or and iPad2 were Andy Garcia and Collin Phillips, PI attorneys from Massachusets. They created a video that spoofed the movie Social Network and was really funny. The winner of a new MacBook Pro? Phillips & Garcia!

I also need to mention four really smart lawyers who are clients of the Lawyers Video Studio who also attended GLM: Jack Carney-DeBord, a PI/Divorce attorney from Ohio; Brent Adams, a PI attorney from North Carolina; John Burns, a PI attorney from California and Joe Hanyon, a PI attorney from Pennsylvania.

For those of you who have never attended a GLM conference and simply buy the DVD’s to watch at home, let me tell you that you’re missing out big-time. The reason to go to a legal marketing conference like this is to hang out with smart lawyers. You begin to build relationships with like-minded lawyers who are looking to improve their marketing. At the seminar you’ll find many lawyers who love to share their ideas just by asking them. Talking to super smart legal marketers like Dave Frees, a Trusts and Estates attorney in Pennsylvania; Bob Battle, a DUI attorney from Northern Virginia, Jim Brown, a Bankruptcy lawyer and Charlie Hoffheimer, a divorce lawyer are worth everything. You can’t get that simply by listening to a DVD.

FYI- this was my third legal marketing seminar within a two month period. Become a marketing student, implement what you learn and watch what happens to your law practice. It works.

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Gerry, I've read your book and watched at least 100 of your videos, and follow your blog, so "I feel like I know you already!".

I wanted to introduce myself, I work for an attorney, David Aylor, in the Charleston, SC area. I do all his in house marketing, and most recently have focused on video marketing, using your approach.

We started exploring the strategy last July, started filming by September, and published the first video to YouTube Nov. 1. I am now publishing 2 videos per week and the response had been great.

I want to share with you how we have be utilizing the material on Facebook, to build a community of "friends" of the law firm. These are previous clients, referral sources, friends of the staff, other attorneys, new media (radio, TV, and print) as well as other prominent folks in the community.

I really was against the idea of Facebook marketing at first (because I think there's alot of hacks and snake oil salesmen in the "social media/SEO marketing" world). But I was very wrong, the content we are creating is being liked, shared, and commented on, and Facebook's strong community platform (and it's EdgeRank algorithm) is giving us a great way to keep our "inner circle" close to the office, and relevant in the minds of them and their friends.

This was the first video we posted to Facebook-
"Can My Facebook Profile Be Used As Evidence In Court?"
95 likes, 25 comments, 27 shares

The local NBC anchor actually saw it in his Facebook feed from a friend sharing it, and interviewed David Aylor for a 6 o'clock news story on Social Media and Privacy in the legal system. (you can see here if you'd like

I would love to show you more about how I'm strategizing these videos for YouTube use as well as Facebook now. I think there are definitely some areas of practice and law firms that it wouldn't work for, but I'm sure there are a bunch that would benefit from it.

Thanks for all you do, and I hope I get the pleasure of meeting you soon!

David Haskins