Battle Call: The Online Video Lawyer v. The Billboard Lawyer

Special Report

by Johnny B. Goode, Reporter

“In today’s fight card we see the billboard lawyer pitted against the online video lawyer.

In the highway corner is the billboard lawyer. He’s smiling. He’s looking serious. He has his 1-800 phone number prominently displayed. He has his specialty in large bold letters. The billboard lawyer often has a gory accident photo next to his face.

In the online corner we see the online video lawyer sitting comfortably in his office having a nice one-way, online conversation with his viewer. He’s talking directly to his prospective client who is searching for information.

The billboard lawyer relies on total volume of drivers along a particular stretch of highway and repetitiveness; someone who sees the same billboard every day on their travels to and from work or home. The billboard lawyer must rely on the ad agency to tell them to the total number of drivers who drive past this billboard in order to evaluate the value of that particular piece of real estate. There is no independent way for the billboard lawyer to realistically and practically conduct his own research to see if these stats are accurate.

The online video lawyer gets stats from his analytics program. Those stats give you details about the exact number of people who have watched your video, where they came from, how long they watched, what page they came from and much more. The online video lawyer has so much more detailed information about his viewers and can make new videos based on this assessment.

The billboard lawyer is marketing to people who do not need his services at that particular moment. That’s a big negative. The online video lawyer sends his video message only to a specific person who is specifically looking for that information. Advantage: Online Video Lawyer.

Now Gerry, I’ve gotten some comments about our coverage of these ongoing battles. Some lawyers say these match-ups are unfair. Some argue that it’s like putting a heavyweight contender in the ring with a feather-weight. Others claim that our matches are skewed since an attorney does not use only one method of marketing and our battles pit one media against another. Gerry, can you address those comments?”

“Sure Johnny.

It is true. Some of these match-ups are inherently unfair. Having a competitive advantage in the marketplace is inherently unfair…to the people who have no idea what you’re doing and have no idea how you have dominated your market. The goal of an attorney is to gain a competitive advantage in an ethical and educational way. Once a lawyer has mastered that concept, there is no doubt in my mind that other attorneys who learn of this lawyers’ marketing efforts will proclaim certain methods of marketing to be unfair.

The next answer requires a more involved explanation. It is also true that lawyers should never put all their eggs in one basket. The same is true for investing. Lawyers would do well to diversify their marketing using different strategies, techniques and media. The goal of these match-ups are not to say that attorneys should use only one method to the exclusion of all else. Just the opposite. Lawyers should be using as many strategies and media as they can afford.

The key to understand which strategies and media to use is to evaluate the match-ups that we are covering here in the junior fight cards and the upcoming main event. Also, most lawyers have limited resources. The smart and savvy attorney must carefully analyze where they’re going to get the best ‘bang-for-their-buck’.”

“Thanks for those comments Gerry. Well, that wraps us today’s match-up between the billboard lawyer with the online video lawyer. In my opinion, the advantage clearly goes to the Online Video Lawyer. Join me next when we watch the slug-fest between the Offline Lawyer versus the Online Video Lawyer. I’m Johnny B. Goode, special reporter to the Lawyers Video Studio.”

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