Attorneys: Are You Using Your iPhone or Your Android Phone to Shoot Video?

Bently Ad shot using iPhone 5S (and professional video crew & equipment)

Bently Ad shot using iPhone 5S (and professional video crew & equipment)

If you’re using your iPhone or Android phone to shoot educational video, my question to you is “Why?”

Sure, we all know that these phones take video. We know it’s convenient to whip out your camera and press the ‘record’ button. But this isn’t the ALS ice bucket challenge we’re talking about here.

This isn’t some down and dirty street video capturing what’s happening on the ground in front of you at that exact moment.

Instead, your goal is to create great educational video. People are searching for this. Viewers are looking for great information.

Believe it or not, our viewers correlate our legal ability with the quality of our videos.

Is that a fair assumption for them to make? Of course not. Do they make that subconscious decision when watching your videos? Absolutely.

If you don’t think that’s true, then I encourage you to create all your videos using shaky, dark, grainy videos with poor audio and see how many people are actually interested in your videos.

I am sure you will get some people to watch your videos. But then, go ahead and do a split test using best practices recommendations to create your great attorney video content.

Then, judge for yourself.

If you are going to go through the trouble of using your iPhone because it is in your pocket and convenient, here are some things to keep in mind that differs from using a real camera, whether a camcorder or a digital SLR:

  • You still need a tripod to hold the camera steady.
  • You still need external lights to illuminate you
  • You still need either a wired or wireless microphone

Ignore these requirements at your own peril.

If you are going ahead and investing your time to create an educational attorney video, don’t take short cuts. You want your viewer focused only on you and your content and not mechanical problems associated with your quick and dirty video.

Shooting video with your mobile device is certainly easy and convenient. However, the sensors in our phones are nowhere near as good as a real camcorder or digital SLR. The lenses are dramatically different. The color capacities are drastically different. The exposure ability is very different.

For a quick and dirty video, our phones are fantastic.

To create great educational attorney content on video, you have many other better choices.

Some attorneys argue that they can buy all the  accessories needed to use their iPhone to create great video. You can.

You can buy all the little extensions, add-ons and adapters in order to turn your iPhone into a real stable video camera. However, by the time you’re done buying all your accessories, you will see that your investment approaches or even exceeds what you would have invested had you purchased a real camcorder or a digital SLR.

Here’s what I use…

For many years, I used only my camcorder to shoot video. Then I switched to digital SLR’s because of the amazing ability to use different lenses to achieve different effects. I have used my iPhone to shoot video as well.

I personally keep coming back repeatedly to my digital SLR because of the tremendous high-quality, ease-of-use and its ability to shoot great photographs as well.

Video audit now available

If you have already created attorney video and are struggling to find out why viewers are not interested in your content, I encourage you to reach out to me for a free discovery call. Call me at 516-487-8207 and let’s see how we can fix your video marketing problem.

If you have not yet started to create video to market your law firm, then I invite you to reach out to me to see if we’re a good fit. There’s no better place to create hassle-free, fun and energizing lawyer video here in NY or in your office. You can reach me at 516-487-8207.

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One thing I like about Lawyers Video Studio, is that it is work that is done largely by a lawyer – Gerry Oginski – who knows about law practice. He knows about clients, he knows what’s important to clients, and what kind of information is important to communicate. He’s also very technically astute and he has good technology and good people working with him, who have been very helpful in filming the videos that I have participated in. Gerry was very helpful in providing me with guidance on the tempo and how to present the subjects. I find Gerry’s guidance and direction to be very helpful. He helped me to think through what it is that the client needs to hear, what their perspective is, and to really focus the information on the audience. I would say that their process has been very useful, it’s been very informative. I feel like I have been very well guided in terms of how to go about the video process, how to think up the topics and how to present them. I would recommend Gerry Oginski’s video service.

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